U4GM: MU Legend Store Has Become Available To Us

Currently, the Global Open Beta Test was often talked. In fact, the current plan implies the availability of an international version. In MU Legend, you have to pump your characters, perform various types of quests, get powerful equipment, sharpen items, scrub all sorts of things, get some in-game currency, go through dangerous dungeons, take part in PvP battles, trade with other players, explore locations and more.

MU Legend

What’s more, we prepared some guides for the game, which will help you to know more information about the start of the Global OBT, reference from here. You can also join guild, which we will create in the near future. Now, Webzen will begin dedicated to spend more time on launching the Global Open Beta Test.

Gamers are actively continuing to focus on the Global OBT, they came together to discuss the game, what’s new in the game? And talked about the interestingness of the game as a whole. Last but not least, we are excited to exclusively delivers cheap currencies and the top quality service, and in order to make our precious global fans happy.

MU Legend is a sought-after gameplay, for a comfortable game, and will be offered two types of currencies: MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling. With the launch of the Korean version of MMORPG MU Legend, a game store has become available to us. U4GM is a reliable store that is devoted to offers the top quality service to customers.

U4GM Is Aiming To Offers As Much As Fun To Gamers

Gamers from throughout the world can’t wait to meet the upcoming Global Open Beta Test. All gamers hopes it will come sooner, so we also believed we might see a brand new the Global Open Beta Test. Now, let’s we look back on the game’s main features.

MU Legend

Various PvP modes
Prequel of MU Online
4 playable characters
Quarter view gameplay
Features epic dungeons
Based on Unreal Engine 3
Explosive action packed combat
Various dungeon difficulties and missions
Certain MU Online content will return to MU Legend
A special randomized dungeon that adjusts to levels
The game is to target all players from casual to hardcore

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MU Legend Showed More Content And The Premium System

MU Legend is pretty exhilarating game that can take your a pleasant pastime. As we have already said, the game will be able to win more new audience throughout the world, which gives it the opportunity to become a very good and valuable MMORPG gameplay. The game also undergone main innovations, which affected the craft, the difficulties of the dungeons, the bosses, and also we showed the game more content and the premium system.

MU Legend

Do not expect any unique mechanics from it, as in the same Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal, but who knows, maybe the developers will offer us something very interesting in the near future. To learn more about MU Legend, source from here. Webzen shared information about the upcoming the Global Open Beta of the MMORPG MU Legend, at U4GM, all is what is want you need to know.

The developer and publisher of the action/ MMORPG MU Legend, announced that in September, the Global Open Beta Test of the game will start. With the start of the OBT, players around the world will be able to participate in the project and explore the world of MU Legend. The Global OBT will be immediately available in several languages ??at startup.

In order to get the latest updates, gamers are encouraged to visit U4GM to get more details. Welcome to U4GM, this is where you can find useful guides, change lists, stream records, videos and screenshots, find a suitable group or guild, chat with other players, discuss the project, learn the latest news and much more. More importantly, you will be able to buy cheap MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.

MU Legend: How To Enhance Your Adventure And Compliment Your Gameplay

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MU Legend

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Probably, you have been already know that the Global Open Beta Test of MU Legend soon to be come in September this year. It contribute to the game more entertaining and richer. Previously twice Closed Beta Test are over, and with lots of new features and contents, hence, gamers from throughout the world have higher expectation for the upcoming the Global Open Beta Test. It’s noteworthy that you should in an effort to find a reliable supplier such as U4GM. There are a wealth of news about the Global CBT, you can visit website to know more.

MU Legend: The Initial Closed Beta Test And The New Closed Beta Test

In MU Legend, the game offers players a variety of activities and features, such as a selection of dungeons, a guild system and an arena. What’s more, the MU Legend continuation MMORPG shows the world of its predecessors, adding a better dynamic with its 4 well-adapted classes for the gameplay. Playing solo or with friends, this MMO puts us in a colossal world ideal for incredible battles.

MU Legend

MU Legend’s first Closed Beta test has received way over 200,000 pre-registrations. The second Closed Beta have been begun in early of 2017. The new Closed Beta will focus on localization implementation. It will be fully localized in English in order to cater global fans of the MU franchise to the fullest. Hence, gamers desire to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling at U4GM.

Unlike the initial Closed Beta, people from all around the worldwill now be enabled to play the game in English, but many other languages will also be available as players from around the world will be able to unfold the mysteries of the Continent of MU in their own language: French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish and Polish.

Like every Beta phase, this new phase allows you to perfect the general formal game and also takes advantage of new features such as PvP 3v3 mode and an NPC merchant system. And as seen by everyone in this field, it’s like an “early launch” of the game. We warmly welcomes gamers access to U4GM, the hottest update and the latest news, reference to here.

Mu Legend Try To Become An Loved International Game

The developer of Mu Legend try to make Mu Legend an loved international game. Even if Mu Legend have been improved a lot so far, but, Mu Legend will never cease to changing. For Mu Legend, some common questions were put forth. More questions can check out more at U4GM.

Mu Legend

Do you plan to develop mobile applications for Mu Legend?
Currently, we are developing a mobile application related to Mu Legend. When put into operation, players do not need to play games on the PC and can still benefit from events through this mobile application.

How did the development of Mu Online affect Mu Legend?
Mu Online is Mu Legend’s predecessor, however, these two games are completely different and less involved. Mu Online was launched in 2001, and after more than 10 years of operation, it has created a large community. We are unlikely to have any major impact on Mu Online gamers after Mu Legend has officially debuted.

With heavy PVP in Mu Online, new players always feel insecure and threatened. So in Mu Legend, how do producers make the newbie feel safer?
The most important goal of Mu Legend is to create a playground that anyone can experience and enjoy. For an MMORPG, the fun of the gamers is to play with multiple people at the same time. We will try to make it easy for gamers to start playing Mu Legend. However, to reach higher levels, gamers will have to overcome many challenges and difficulties due to the balanced algorithms that developers have designed.

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Mu Legend & Open World: Simple And Quick Expedition

In Mu Legend, we have simple and quick expedition, banal crafting, no bigger penalties for death, simple rules and more. When you pick a class such as Whisperer, there is a preview of potential playing style but this does not mean that you′re forced to stick to one of these two styles, you can always switch your your abilities and spells.

Mu Legend

In Mu Legend, Mu Legend is a open gaming world, main story and side quests, other gamers you get in contact with, dungeons which you can run on your own or accompanied by numerous players. On high end level, you’re required to get a lot of items that drop in dungeons, rifts, and other content.

Mu Legend has a world map, you have to zoom out at max, different continents which entail different regions, you can easily switch between current city and capital city using an item, in general teleporting via using specific waypoint in the respective area. You can check out more latest news & guides at U4GM.

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Mu Legend: The Open World Is Pretty Standard

Generally speaking, Mu Legend is the highly anticipated sequel to Mu Online, powered by Unreal Engine. Mu Legend is relatively open gaming world, however, the open world is pretty standard. A deep and intriguing gaming world, gamers around the world feels highly satisfy. For more information on Mu Legend, interested players are invited to check out more here.


Character And Skill Customization
While enabling every player to feel powerful from the very first level, Mu Legend continues to evolve the player’s gameplay experience by offering deep and sophisticated character and skill customizations. Players utilizing these customizations can embark on their own journeys, whether they want to be a lone-wolf boss killer or a party’s greatest supporter.

Fast-paced & Action-driven Gameplay
Directly from the start, Mu Legend empowers its players with an extremely action-driven and fast-paced gameplay experience, in best hack ‘n’ slash tradition. Unlike most current hack ‘n’ slash games, all classes in Mu Legend possess powerful area of effect skills right from the start, making levelling a truly thrilling and satisfying experience for players of all levels.

The game will also feature third person perspective and quarter view similar to MU Online. The perspective and pace of the game is very reminiscent of what we have come up with in Diablo. It is undeniable that U4GM is indeed professional and reliable website, and it offers cheap Mu Legend Zen with the safest delivery.

Webzen Will Introduce New And Unique Features In Legend

There are a design of a new boss monster in Mu Legend, which is looking kind of sinister and dark. There apparently isn’t a big difference in UI design compared to the original Mu, and the game is looking pretty. While there might be many similarities to Diablo III, hopefully Webzen will introduce new and unique features in Legend.


Mu Legend is quickly become one of the most interesting looking games for ARPG lovers. Because Mu Legend is a sequel to the fairly popular Mu Online, it already has an established fanbase that is growing quite fast. For more Mu Legend, keep your eyes open for more videos and news at U4GM.

Mu Legend is sure to be more to try out with a 5th class and likely other activities and features added. Mu Legend is a great gameplay. In the meanwhile, it’s an action RPG, As a class In Mu Legend, War Mages are confident and believe themselves to be superior to regular mages. They were removed from society after their magical abilities became too powerful and were considered dangerous.

After being outcast, they fought as mercenaries as they attempted to control their extraordinary power. Once they did, they began to develop their own spells – ones far more powerful than those of any regular mage. They dance around battlefields casting devastating elemental spells, all with an air of confidence and superiority. Have you ever managed to buy Mu Legend Zen?

There Are Mu Legend Pets Guide At Official Website U4GM

In Mu Legend, you will be able to get some pets and each pet has its own shiny capacities, pets in Mu Legend are not only for cosmetic purpose, to be a certain extent, those pets in Mu Legend has other unique and indispensable capacities. Followed by, let’s take a look at Mu Legend pets guide. More Mu Legend latest guides and details, stay tuned U4GM.


Companion System
All your Companion pets’ effects count even if their types do not match.
All the additional effects are applied only while a Summon pet is summoned.
Companion Type Bonus: A bonus added depending on the total amount of option values of your Summon and Companion pets.
Total Combat Power Bonus: A bonus added depending on the total amount of Combat Power of your Summon and Companion pets.
You can have up to 4 Companion pets besides the pet you have summoned to get a Total Combat Power bonus and Companion Type bonuses.

Pet Growth Points
You can obtain Pet Growth Points by dismantling pets.
A type of currency used for increasing a pet’s level.
You can increase your Pet Growth Points by using Pet Growth Stones and other consumable items.
Pet Growth Stones dropped in certain dungeons automatically increase Pet Growth Points.

Step 1. In the Manage Pets window, select a pet whose level you want to increase.
Step 2. Click the Level-up button at the bottom of the window.
Step 3. Check the necessary resources, and then click the Grow Pet button.
Step 4. The pet’s level increases when its EXP reaches 100%.

Releasing Pets
You can obtain Pet Growth Points by releasing pets.
Pets, while summoned or selected as Companions, cannot be released.
Step 1. In the Manage Pets inventory, select the pet that you want to release.
Step 2. Click the Release button at the bottom of the window.
Step 3. Click the Release button.
Step 4. You will receive Pet Growth Points as a reward.

U4GM will timely update more new guides and tips, ensuring that Mu Legend gamers see the latest informations at any time, at the same time, U4GM is dedicated to offers cheap Mu Legend Zen to gamers, if you have any needs, please contact with us.