The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Adventure Accessible To All

The Elder Scrolls Online, released in 2014 under a classic monthly subscription model, tried to find the right balance between its MMO label and its strong inclination towards the RPG components linked to its saga. Tortured between these various facets, the game gathered first variable returns on the part of the press and the players. Supported by a large community of enthusiasts, TESO has taken advantage of these last two years to evolve its formula via various updates and other major modifications of economic model. Muted in Buy-to-Play in March 2015 shortly before arriving on consoles, the title returned to its own roots in order to grant to its universe the wealth of which it claimed the inheritance. Today is a journey borrowed from nostalgia that ZeniMax Online offers us, a return to the island of Vvardenfell for a Morrowind chapter in the form of a love letter to fans of the saga.


Morrowind does not fall into the DLC category for The Elder Scrolls Online, ZeniMax prefers to use the chapter name. This means that unlike Thieves’ Guilds, Orsinium, Imperial City, Black Brotherhood, the player who is a premium subscriber (ESO Plus) or not, must go to the cashier to access this new chapter (it is available for approximately 40 €). This purchase offers a minimum of 30 hours of content, lots of quests, a successful script, access to a new class, a new raid and, of course, Island of Vvardenfell. Note that the basic game (The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited) is included with this chapter, one more way for its editor to see the newcomers.

Since its update “One Tamriel”, The Elder Scrolls Online adapts the level of all its zones to that of the player. This feature clears the progress barrier and allows any newcomer to join other more advanced adventurers without waiting. Morrowind is no exception to this philosophy of openness and welcome both beginners and veterans the most seasoned. The new area of Vvardenfell, the biggest ever released on TESO since its launch is therefore accessible from the creation of your character, replacing – if you wish – the basic tutorial MMO by a whole new introduction charged with presenting you the charms Of this mythical country as well as the bases of the gameplay.

This chapter marks the great return of the players to the iconic island of one of the best RPGs in the open world of the early 2000s. It is a fact, Morrowind very often ranks at the top of the best episodes of the Licence. With its marshes populated by high mushrooms, its exotic fauna, its straight atmosphere drawn from an alien landscape, the title has earned a solid reputation in the hearts of the players. A legacy that The Elder Scrolls Online teams want to revive with this content filled with nostalgia and ambitions for the future of the game.

If all of this resonates like a huge fan service, Morrowind also concretizes the past and recent evolutions of TESO to deliver its most successful content to date. The game now totally embraces its RPG orientation more than MMO. For if the player is always in a world full of other adventurers, if he can participate in group activities, join a guild or plunge into large-scale PvP battles, An immense RPG more than ever close to an Elder Scrolls pure strain experience. Around a solid narrative, TESO: Morrowind is getting closer to a solo RPG, a trend that seems to have borrowed many MMOs in recent years. In this case, this smooth transition is only the culmination of many updates and changes that have helped TESO become the game he always wanted to be.

As things stand, TESO offers an RPG experience that the player can appreciate by himself, at his pace, without even having to worry about other players. The multiplayer features are added to the formula as optional tools to progress. Morrowind is a love letter addressed to the fans of the saga and probably the best time for the former players to give a second chance to the game to light its multiple evolutions. If you are in lack of ESO gold, you can buy cheap ESO gold on ESO-GOLD. Besides, you should read more to learn some useful tips on The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – A Successful Back

The saga of the Elder Scrolls makes its return to the island of Vvarendell, a land known to fans of the franchise, who had already explored it in the Morrowind chapter, released in 2002. This time, we discover landscapes of And its secrets 700 years ago. Nostalgic to the biggest fans of the franchise, but also to reach a new audience eager to confront a medieval fantasy universe of great wealth.

The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) is part of the universe of the Elder Scrolls (TES) series, which has enjoyed tremendous success since its inception in the 1990s. TESO was released in a first version in 2014, To a buy-to-play version in 2015. In the continuity of the universe created in The Elders Scrolls, the game was enriched with various extensions before breaking the separations between the cards and the players in order to create a single And even explorable world: One Tamriel, in 2016.


At the beginning of June 2017, the MMORPG set out to conquer new countries with the Morrowind chapter, in the form of an extension for the elders of the saga or a complete formula for the new ones. A name known to fans of the first saga, since TES was already taking the adventurers on the island of Vvarrendell that is found in TESO: Morrowind. A return that offers all the same its lot of discoveries since one pushes the ground 700 before the facts that had taken place in the first episode. The opportunity to discover the past of the kingdom of Vivec, including the country landscapes of this fictional and ancestral universe.

An Open World Of Great Wealth

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind plunges us into a fantastic medieval universe that is both mysterious and mythical, where different species come together. Based on exploration and the open world, the game allows the player to choose his destiny by following either the main plot or the numerous secondary quests of his choice.

From an opulent narration, one lets oneself discover the universe of Vvarendell as well as the evil that tortures King Vivec. Under the themes of political corruption, class struggle, the universe of TESO: Morrowind shows itself at once funny and dramatic, light and epic all in a successful French dubbing.

The charm of the story is brilliantly underlined by a magnificent soundtrack in total adequacy with the epic adventure that one lives. The almost magical decors replace the arid lands of the Morrowind of 2002, well before the eruption of the volcano – for connoisseurs, which gives way to beautiful green scenery, with many exotic plants.

However, this extension is not a total success, especially as regards the technical aspect. The game is indeed the weight of the years and the visuals are struggling to hold the comparison today – even in front of other MMORPGs. The Morrowind universe is nonetheless charming and the game is still very coherent with the atmosphere and the plastic of the saga, which should please the followers.


Become A RPG Only

The saga had long been the fashion of the MMORPG, but it seems that it is trying to redirect itself towards a more solitary model of the RPG. Although we can interact with the other players, the adventure can still be solo. Interactions with other players are rather limited: some epic battles on a large scale, the creation of guilds and some team fights, one of the novelties of this extension. But nothing really captivating.

It’s a return to the roots for the license that takes up the idea of solitary progression which should delight the fans of the first hour.

Extensive Customization

In terms of gameplay, the title follows the basics of the TESO saga with a third or first person combat system, a totally free exploration of landscapes and homes. But above all, the possibility of personalizing his character at will. This is a striking point for a neophyte. Indeed, the game itself begins only after a step – long enough – of personalization of its character. Size of the arms, eyebrows, wrinkling of eyes and the like, the thing is pushed to the maximum. Fortunately, there is a function to let things happen randomly.

Spells and attacks are also customizable in terms of shortcuts and choices according to skill points to be assigned. Through exploration and quests, it is possible to fight many enemies on the way, to experience and control new attacks. Artificial intelligence, however, is not the strong point of the game.

Bar of life of the two speakers, attacks without expectations and possibility of flight, the level of the monsters is proportional to the character which gives a real pleasure to the confrontations and the search for experience. We note however the lack of reaction of the characters against the blows.

A New Class And A New Mode Of Combat

A class makes its appearance: that of the Warden. A good idea on paper but unfortunately very similar to the invoker already present in the cast of the game. Close to nature and spells turned towards the cold, its spells are nothing innovative and remind those who already found in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The other novelty is the ability to compete by team in arenas dedicated to this. Three teams of four players compete in an environment to promote the action and the attack, all for a period of about fifteen minutes. Choosing between Capturing the Flag or Deathmatch, the goal is to win medals to his team, as well as other rewards. A fun mode a few tens of minutes, but that is only a small extra for the game.

The Advantages:

A successful return to Morrowind
A new class: the guardian
Arena fights, sympathetic
The richness of the game universe
Medieval and fantastic decorations are very successful
The incredible soundtrack
Excellent lifespan (30h and more)

The Disadvantages:

Graphics lacking finishing
Rather an RPG than an MMO
Dialogues too passive
Choice without impact on history


The Elder Scrolls Online plunges us once again into a world of great richness and beauty through a fantastic medieval universe. Despite his return to the known land, the title returns to its solo RPG aspect online and leaves a bit of the MMO side, a change of direction that will surely seduce the followers of the franchise who had not appreciated the MMORPG at the time of its exit. Spanning 700 years before the Morrowind events, the Morrowind expansion will have the merit of disorienting the fans while seducing a new audience. Only regret: visually, the game has evolved very little and now accuses the weight of years…