FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Trading Tips :PLAYER PRICES

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The Ultimate Team game mode is the most in demand and hottest mode in Fifa. Despite the 90 minute aids, handicap and shockingly shit packs, most of us still have a soft spot for Ultimate Team. With the seemingly harsh but fair restrictions put up by EA to combat  FIFA 15 coins sellers, trading will become even more vital if you want a reasonable looking coin balance. So here are some tricks that will boost your chance of achieving some serious coinage.

Players in Fifa 15 UT are cheaper, because there are no more of the MMOGA, 5% off, link in the description shit to completely muck up the market. There are many ways you can make profits from this.

One popular method is to get hold of a couple of high rated players and sell them on for good profit. Of course, this means you have to either open packs or buy coins and receive the one warning. This method will guarantee profit, but you must be prepared to splash some cash or of course be a lucky little fuck.

The second popular method is to buy players based on performance. This method is quite risky but chances of profit are high. This is based upon real life, so basically if a well known or high rated player performs well in the Champions League or other, their prices will go up for a short while before returning to normal. So to make profit, if you think a certain player will perform well then buy a few of those cards and wait till their price goes u. But make sure you sell them quick, because their price will drop quickly. An example of this was Gotze. When he scored the World Cup winning goal, his price soared up to 50-60k, the same also happened to James Rodriguez. If you are thinking of using this method, use a popular gold player and work your way up. I would recommend using Aaron Ramsey, Sturridge or Lewandowski.