Player missing from what is valdes over to Manchester United

Expecting the first batch of FIFA 15 Winter transfers update with some cheap FIFA 15 coins to play in FIFA 15 is to go live at the end of January, just as we saw last year. However, EA has surprised everyone by putting the transfers completed so far, into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team as soon as possible.

It means that the likes of Wilfried Bony, Fernando Torres and Shaqiri are now live for Man City, Atletico Madrid and Inter respectively. EA has confirmed this on their website, Following are all of the transfers that have been activated in the game so far.


With the transfer window very much alive though, EA will be releasing batch 3 and batch 4 in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that. We’re surprised that EA has acted so early, as usually they wait until the end of the month to push the transfers through in the game. Perhaps they are expecting tons of changes so didn’t want to waste any time – which is great to see.

One player missing from what we can see is Valdes over to Manchester United – we’re guessing that is the change that is next on EA’s to-do list, but it’s strange that they’ve missed him out.

Liverpool’s late saw Steven Gerrard hit the post

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers said his side’s stirring display in their League Cup semi-final first leg with Chelsea had convinced him of their ability to win the tie that you can also buy some FIFA 15 coins to win.

A dazzling solo goal by Raheem Sterling earned Liverpool a 1-1 draw on Tuesday after Eden Hazard’s penalty had put Chelsea ahead and the home side would have prevailed had it not been for the reflexes of visiting goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who produced a number of excellent stops.

fifa 15

Hazard’s away goal gives Premier League leaders Chelsea a  slender advantage ahead of next week’s return leg at  Stamford Bridge, but Rodgers said that his team will  approach the game with no fear.

“It was a big performance from us,” said the Northern  Irishman, whose side have lost only once in their last 15  games in all competitions. “I think they know that they  were moved about the pitch tonight (Tuesday). The space  that was opening up for us – we got the goal and they really  had to hang on there.

Asked if Liverpool’s showing had reinforced his belief in  their ability to reach the final, where they would face either Tottenham Hotspur or Sheffield United, he replied: “That’s reinforced it even more.

Liverpool’s late rally, which also saw Steven Gerrard hit the post, sent their fans out into an ice-cold night full of optimism and Rodgers gave them further reason to be cheerful by revealing that striker Daniel Sturridge could make his long-awaited return from injury in the second leg.

Carlos Esquivel opened the scoring seven minutes

Toluca remain unbeaten in the fledgling Clausura campaign after Richard Ortiz’s brace helped them to a 3-0 win over Chiapas FC on Sunday. So players can buy FIFA 15 coins to play to win this campaign in FIFA 15.

image 2.img  Toluca remain unbeaten in the fledgling Clausura campaign

Carlos Esquivel opened the scoring seven minutes before the  break and Ortiz  added two more late on to add some gloss to  the scoreline.

Guadalajara, who lost to Chiapas in their opening game,  bounced back with a  2-1 triumph over Unam Pumas at  Estadio Omnilife.

Jhonfai Fabian and Angel Reyna’s first-half goals all-but  secured the win,  with Eduardo Herrera grabbing a  consolation from the spot in the 84th  minute for Unam  Pumas, who had David Cabrera sent off for a    second  bookable offence in the closing stages.

Asked if it could prove a significant victory, the Frenchman  told his post-  match press conference: “Time will tell. What  is for sure is that it increases  the level of belief and confidence. The five months in front of us are very important in the lifespan of the team. What you make of that will of course decide our season. Games like that can help (you) to do very well.”

Cazorla’s performance earned warm praise from both his team-mates and his manager, with Aaron Ramsey describing him as “different class” and Wenger branding the 30-year-old Spaniard “superb”.

FIFA 15 TOTY strikers release time for UK is 6pm on Friday January 16

EA has now released the TOTY midfielders into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and you can grab them now from Gold packs if you are lucky enough. Next up, is the FIFA 15 TOTY strikers release time for Ronaldo and Messi.

11 Ronaldo and Messi schedule to release in FIFA 15

We hope you have saved up your FIFA 15 coins since launch, as you are going to need millions if you plan to get hold of Ronaldo or Messi on Friday.

Once again, we can tell you that the FIFA 15 TOTY strikers release time for UK is 6pm on Friday January 16 – the same time when the midfielders will disappear.

For Pacific Time, that is 10am PST or 1pm Eastern Time for FIFA fans over in the US. We have to apologise firstly, as we thought Robben would be released yesterday with the midfielders.

22 Ronaldo and Messi schedule to release in FIFA 15

In actual fact though, EA are going to put him in the strikers pot so you will be able to pick up all three tomorrow starting at 6pm GMT.

How lucky are you feeling though? We already told you about the ‘world’s first’ Iniesta in a pack live reaction, as one lucky YouTuber managed to pick out Iniesta’s amazing 95 TOTY card within hours of EA launching.

Hopefully some of you will get lucky with Ronaldo TOTY or Messi TOTY for FIFA 15 too. Let us know how your luck has gone so far with opening packs and how much coins you’ve spent.

FIFA 15 are already discussing the merits of all the players involved

All football fans are currently celebrating the reveal of the winner of the Ballon d’Or award and the of the ideal team of the year and those who are also playing FIFA 15 with FIFA 15 coins can at the moment pick up the special packs that EA Sports is putting together in order to show off its own Team of the Year line-up for the Ultimate Team mode.


Manuel Neuer, the much lauded goalkeeper of Bayern, is the first player that all gamers will notice in the top eleven created by the development studio. His defensive line is made up of four players, each of them a solid performer during the past year: David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Philip Lahm and Sergio Ramos, with a mix of tackling power and offensive bursts.

In midfield the three players that need to create phases and deliver passes are: Angel Di Maria, Kroos and Andres Iniesta. The attack was already confirmed as involving Cristiano Ronaldo, who managed to win the Ballon d’Or, and Lionel Messi and the pair is joined by a surprise pick: Robben.

FIFA 15 are already discussing the merits of all the players involved, who are being made avaialble starting with the goalkeeper and the defenders.

FIFA relies on the popularity of Ultimate Team
Since the Ultimate Team for the football sim series was introduced it has attracted a solid number of active players, some of which are willing to spend real world money in order to give their own team a boost and make them more competitive in the long term. This has created a good and constant new revenue stream for Electronic Arts.

The launch of the Team of the Year for Ultimate Team is designed as a big event around which the community can coagulate, discussing the picks made and how each of the players can be used to boost a player first eleven. EA Sports is at the moment also working on a full patch for FIFA 15, which will reflect all the transfers that take place in the January window in the big championships.

Regards to Messi TOTY price predictions in FIFA 15

Hours ago, we are almost at the point where EA will launch the new FIFA 15 TOTY Ronaldo and Messi cards. For most players, finding one inside a pack is near-impossible, so your hopes will rely on the transfer market with a straight up purchase for FIFA 15 coins.


TOTY Prediction

The daunting prospect of this though, is that both the FIFA 15 TOTY Messi and Ronaldo card prices are going to be through the roof were talking millions and millions of coins that you will have to pay at auction.

Obviously nobody knows the set price that the cards will be, but based on previous years and the current market trends we should probably expect to pay between 8 and 12 million points for either card.

Ronaldo is expected to be crowned Ballon Dor 2014 winner on Monday and he is likely to have the most expensive price tag once the cards are live on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on Friday January 16.

All we can say is, we hope you have saved up coins by any means possible as if you intend to get Ronaldo or Messi, be prepared to clear your entire account for it its that special.

On a more positive note, the availability of Ronaldos TOTY price in FIFA 15 could in turn make his other rare ST Ronaldo price cheaper after TOTY is live.

What’s your expectations with regards to the FIFA 15 Messi and Ronaldo TOTY price predictions? Whatever the cost is, do you have enough FIFA  15 coins to buy or are you hoping to get lucky on packs?

The natural relation between supply and demand will change

There are many factors that contribute for price variation, such as hours of the day, TOTW and launch of the new FIFA series. But Happy Hours during FUTmas are the most effevtive one. Hundreds of thousands of players will buy and sell packs.

The natural relation between supply and demand will change. Thus, the balance of market is disrupted. both cards and coins circulation increases on the transfer market. Giving us more experience in FIFA, but first you should buy some FIFA 15 coins to fight for yourself honor.


What we see most appearently and effectively is the immediate fall and rise of the price. FIFA 15 coins price will keep low for a while when the Happy Hour is moving on. But back to normal and what it was before ends of the hour with the market instantly absorbing the addictional cards. It can be said that pirces are affected and changeable throughout the entire Happy Hours. Comparing to the price that is supposed to be if there will be no Happy Hours, the price that effectively jumps after one usually ups 3% to 5% value of the card.

EA launches more and more Happy Hours every year. While Happy Hour packs including 35k, 50k and 100k are the most popuplar. The bigger the pack is, the sharpper drop of the price is.

Notes:Notice how after the Happy Hours end the price is inferior to what it would be if a Happy Hour never happened while the natural tendency for it would be to stay the same, Happy Hours will not be announced with antecedence for what the market can’t really react with such.

Build Up Play,Chance Creation and Defense for FIFA 15 Custom Tactic Tricks

The practices have proved that successful organization tactics and flexible usage of tactics will be the key factors to the success of competitions. You should adopt the good points and avoid the shortcomings. Today I will analyze FIFA 15 tactic. And as a player, when you have enough FIFA 15 coins, then you can ecperience the tactic that you will learn following.


Build Up Play
Speed: The speed of the offensive organization, it means the speed of the scattered formation when you score a goal. The larger the value you set, the faster the players can press forward. Correspondingly, the passing points become fewer. The advantage is that you will be faced with the counterattack of opponents.

Passing: It will influence the passing distance and teammate support. Passing and speed setting are complemented each other in the organization attacking. The larger the value set is, the teammates in a certain range will choose to position and be far away from the player with the ball. While the larger the value set is, the teammate in a certain range will make a corresponding cooperation and get close to the player with the ball.

Positioning: In the court, players will own movement freedom in the first two-third court. The attacking range is from your back field to the halftime of foes.

Chance Creation
Passing: passing option and the risk of supply. It will control the will of pursuing the fighting chance. It includes the offside risk of driving forward; the displaced risk of pursuing fighting chance. The large the set value is, the stronger the assistant ability your teammates will be such as driving forward, running spaces, vice versa.

Crossing: the cross tendency and frequency, it can be understood with easy ball from foot to foot and cross.

Shooting: shooting tendency and frequency, it can be understood with the will of driving forward shooting. But if the set value is large and you press the defense line of foes for a long time, the opponents will steal the ball a wave after a wave.
Positioning: It will influence the movement freedom in the final third of match.

Pressure: It determines the pressure location (the higher the value is, the earlier it will start.). If the value is big, Baecelona will steal the ball fiercely. If the value is small, it will be a purely defensive attacking.

Aggression: It will influence the enthusiasm of ball-controlling player. If the value is big, it will fall into the crowed tackling and the defensive line will be empty. If the value is small, it will be the stable defense. But if the pressure to player with the ball is not so sufficient, it will get into long shot and subtle assists.

Team Width: It will influence the player numbers moving towards field sides. If the value is small, the formation will shrink. The middle field will dense. But if the middle field defense is intensive, it is easy for the opponents to launch attacks from the sideways.

Defender Line: It will influence the defense shape and tactics.

How do you get your team to get more coins FIFA 15


As we all know that fifa 15 coins is very important for game playing, score a goal and win the game will get more coins. Is there any tip for get more coins? We disclose here will give you tips about crossing, making it easier to score.

If you can cross your opponents, you will get more good chance for your teammates to score a goal. But the early cross should be used when your striker are not yet in the right position, this strategy is most effective when your opponent is using a formation that has less back row defenders, which will be more easy for you to get the goal. However, there is also something you should pay attention to, which is the early cross should be in the right time, not to early or not a late and it need you to practice more times. Too early or too late may lead to your player being offside or the defenders catching up with you. If you have a quicker player and your opponent has a slow defender, this tactic will be more effective.

To master the early crossing tips, you will have more chance and easily to score a goal and to win the games, which means more coins you can get easily.

Crossing the ball for your teammates is very important, just because the better crossing ball can help your teammates to have more chance to score a goal and to get fifa 15 coins. But when you should cross the ball to your teammates?

Maybe they are two aspects you should consider. The one is you have to wise when timing your crosses, if you do not see your players making a run, in this case do not cross the ball to them. And the other is if your attacking player is in the box, you should take your time and wait for him to get into position and trying to know what the defenders are doing. To know more about your opponents can help you to cross the ball more easily and accuracy

To cross the ball to your teammates in the proper time will let your team win more game, and for this your team can get more fifa 15 coins and to buy the better players you want to buy or open the new packs. That would be more exciting and challenging for your playing.

How to run FIFA15 coins manager career

fifa 15 guide

If you want to buy great player, you would better has enough FIFA 15 Coins. How to earn money through auction? How to use coins effectively? Now, We are glad to share their experience buying and selling players with you.

For example, i bought Emenike at the beginning. When the Winter Break comes, Barcelona want to buy him with 30 M fifa coins, finally, i sell it out with 55M fifa coins. Then, i bring in Insigne, Schurrle and so on. When the second season begins, Liverpool want Insigne, then i sell out Insigne with 45M. Actually, i bought him with 7 M. In the end, i cost 27M and Schurrle to get Neymar.

In addition, the Free Agents in Career Mode is a good way to help us earn money. In the first season winter break, i Oscar, Doumbia, Sirigu, Nkouluo and so on. While, during the second season winter break, i sold Doumbia with 55M, Sirigu with 52M, Nkouluo with 52M, Nkouluo with 48M. With sufficient FIFA Coins, to buy James Rodrigos, Ablaba and Bale immediately.

All in all, to cost all your money to buy potential players before the transfer close. While, when the new season begins, you should hold enough money to pay for salary. The good players you want to sell can put at high price, but you should wait for the computer asking you. When you want to purchase someone, you would better transfer him though money and another player. For example, i bought James Rodrigos with 20M and Free agent Oscar, same to Neymar.

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