Mu Legend Is Similar To Other Battle-arena Games

Mu Legend is sequel to Mu Online, which is the first 3D MMORPG to leave the shores of South Korea and make its name overseas. From the year 2004 to now, Mu Legend has been gradually in development. At the same time, compared with the original Mu Online game, the game has the same controls and user interface. Mu Legend Power Leveling hold the key to the boost of your power in-game.


In Mu Legend, gamers can pick a character and then run around arenas battling other online players. Since Mu Legend based on Unreal Engine 3, hence, Mu Legend is similar to other battle-arena games. But, Mu Legend is different from other battle arena games that are based on Unreal Engine 3. What is different both? You can get more details by visiting official website:

Nonetheless, according to the Mu Online theme, the controls and fight technology is original. MU Legend is not a clone of other battle arena games that are based on Unreal Engine 3. The graphics are far better than the original MU Online, and the style is subdued, which is a big change.

The graphics of Mu Legend are at least impressive, it bring fantastic visuals effect. In a word, the game is sough-after around the world. Are you looking forward to enjoying so exhilarating gameplay? Any gamers understand the importance of Mu Legend Zen, U4GM offer the product you want at the price you deserve. We pledge to offer you the best service and best product at the best prices.

Mu Legend Relevant Statistical Information: Figures Were Revealed

According to data statistic, on the whole, Mu Legend gamers collectively leveled up 3,308,278 times, but only 7% of all players reached max level. One player managed to reach 230,432 Combat Power before the test ended. A total of 1,864,710 deaths were recorded. Surprisingly, the War Mage was the most popular class played during this test, accounting for 31% of all characters created. More date statistic update and update guides and news, you can head over to:


The four classes of Mu Legend also were released by Webzen. The Dark Lord is a tank/damage dealer hybrid with high stamina and defense. The Whisperer—inspired by MU Online’s Fairy Elf—is a high-speed ranged class. The War Mage is a long-ranged damage class. The Blader is a “classic warrior class” that deals high damage at close range.

Mu Legend is the sequel to Mu Online and offers fast paced Diablo 3 / Path of Exile esque action RPG elements, but with a persistent world. We all seemed to have a lot of positive things to say about Mu Legend and all gamers suspect it’ll do quite well. Unlike Diablo 3 and various other ARPGs, Mu Legend features a persistent world.

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Mu Legend: The Team Will Be Working On Localization

Mu Legend is expected to kick off this summer, in the upcoming months, the team will be working on localization, trading NPCs, 3V3 PvP as well as fine tuning the game for open beta. In addition, the global OBT of Mu Legend will be available in 6 languages: Polish, Brazilian-Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish. This will be the first time a Mu game will be available in multiple languages at launch. More and more gamers have managed to buy Mu Legend Power Leveling, and you?


The first CBT of Mu Legend was posted by Webzen, and it can showcase gamer’s choices in the form of an infographic. Up to now, the initial test is over, Webzen has started preparations for the second global CBT, with date soon to be announced.

Relevant Details About Mu Legend
Most popular class: War Mage
Number of dungeons visited: 1,630,900
Times players died at the hands of monsters: 1,854,710
Combined time spent in game: 154 years or 4,854,946,057 seconds
Countries where the game was most popular: Brazil, Poland, United States
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Webzen plans to run a second global test in 2017, and more additional localizations of the game will be added. At the same time, Webzen also point out that there would be no data-wipe of the first CBT in order to allow gamers from every level bracket participate. The developers will work hand-in-hand with the localization department to make sure the highest level of quality is achieved and will continue to work on the content revealed during G-Star 2016 for the open beta release. Gamers plan on buying cheap Mu Legend Zen at U4GM, which is the best supplier.

Mu Legend: Dark Fantasy World & Playable Gender Locked Characters

Webzen is planning for launch the western closed beta of Mu Legend, as we all know, Mu Legend is sequel to Mu Online, which includes spearcheaded the MMORPG genre in Korea. Appropriately and amusingly, in a dark fantasy world, mix between MMORPG and Hack and Slash.


In the first beta, and including four playable gender locked characters. Respectively, War Mage, Dark Lord, Whisperer and Blader. In addition, there is a 5th future playable character teased believed to be Summoner or something else new. There is a fair amount of customization for each class along with two different race selection for each job. More Mu Legend playable characters introduction, click here.

From Mu Legend latest trailer see, it’s no doubt that Mu Legend meets all gamer’s expectation, after all, the game looked really nice in the trailer, it clearly revealed all the nice areas, you’ll most likely experience a lot of FPS dips here and there inside dungeons especially areas with congested mobs or certain open areas of the game.

Mu Legend has an enchanting system where players can upgrade their gear, actually, the crafting system of Mu Legend seems rather simple just break down all of the equipment, you come across the game and craft new gear around your level. MU Legend seems like a game that can easily be enjoyed.

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