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U4GM: MU Legend Store Has Become Available To Us

Currently, the Global Open Beta Test was often talked. In fact, the current plan implies the availability of an international version. In MU Legend, you have to pump your characters, perform various types of quests, get powerful equipment, sharpen items, scrub all sorts of things, get some in-game currency, go through dangerous dungeons, take part […]

U4GM Is Aiming To Offers As Much As Fun To Gamers

Gamers from throughout the world can’t wait to meet the upcoming Global Open Beta Test. All gamers hopes it will come sooner, so we also believed we might see a brand new the Global Open Beta Test. Now, let’s we look back on the game’s main features. Various PvP modes Prequel of MU Online 4 […]

MU Legend Showed More Content And The Premium System

MU Legend is pretty exhilarating game that can take your a pleasant pastime. As we have already said, the game will be able to win more new audience throughout the world, which gives it the opportunity to become a very good and valuable MMORPG gameplay. The game also undergone main innovations, which affected the craft, […]

MU Legend: How To Enhance Your Adventure And Compliment Your Gameplay

U4GM is providing popular game MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling on all servers. MU Legend Zen supply is confirmed to be legitimate and manual, and Zen on our website listed can be delivered fast. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power […]

MU Legend: The Initial Closed Beta Test And The New Closed Beta Test

In MU Legend, the game offers players a variety of activities and features, such as a selection of dungeons, a guild system and an arena. What’s more, the MU Legend continuation MMORPG shows the world of its predecessors, adding a better dynamic with its 4 well-adapted classes for the gameplay. Playing solo or with friends, […]

Mu Legend Try To Become An Loved International Game

The developer of Mu Legend try to make Mu Legend an loved international game. Even if Mu Legend have been improved a lot so far, but, Mu Legend will never cease to changing. For Mu Legend, some common questions were put forth. More questions can check out more at U4GM. Do you plan to develop […]

Mu Legend & Open World: Simple And Quick Expedition

In Mu Legend, we have simple and quick expedition, banal crafting, no bigger penalties for death, simple rules and more. When you pick a class such as Whisperer, there is a preview of potential playing style but this does not mean that you′re forced to stick to one of these two styles, you can always […]

Mu Legend: The Open World Is Pretty Standard

Generally speaking, Mu Legend is the highly anticipated sequel to Mu Online, powered by Unreal Engine. Mu Legend is relatively open gaming world, however, the open world is pretty standard. A deep and intriguing gaming world, gamers around the world feels highly satisfy. For more information on Mu Legend, interested players are invited to check […]

Webzen Will Introduce New And Unique Features In Legend

There are a design of a new boss monster in Mu Legend, which is looking kind of sinister and dark. There apparently isn’t a big difference in UI design compared to the original Mu, and the game is looking pretty. While there might be many similarities to Diablo III, hopefully Webzen will introduce new and […]

There Are Mu Legend Pets Guide At Official Website U4GM

In Mu Legend, you will be able to get some pets and each pet has its own shiny capacities, pets in Mu Legend are not only for cosmetic purpose, to be a certain extent, those pets in Mu Legend has other unique and indispensable capacities. Followed by, let’s take a look at Mu Legend pets […]