Albion Online Guide On Creating Character

In this Albion Online guide we will talk about how to evolve our character to end up having a class, because the truth is that in Albion Online we do not have one, but we can configure ours to make it look and behave as such. This, of course, ends up delivering a build for each character, which will be the conclusion of our guide.

Therefore, in our Albion Online class and build guide we can get a Warrior, a Mage or a Rogue. The Warrior specializes in melee weapons, swords and axes. The Rogue is an expert in the use of bow while the Mage specializes in spells. To get to them you have to choose the correct weapons and manipulate the Target Table as we want.


In our Albion Online guide you will learn how to form classes and builds with your characters.

Anyway, even if you focus on one of the classes of Albion Online, remember that you can always switch to another one by changing your equipment. On the next part you will see how each of these builds is done.

Albion Online Class Guide – Rogue

To achieve this character build you will have to optimize the attack distance of your weapons, acquire healing abilities to serve as support and also improve your speed. With that object you make the following weapons: bow, spear, dagger, rod, torch and also the cane. The key to this class is to assault the enemy, cause him quick damage, and support and support for the rest of the team.

Albion Online Class Guide – Wizard

You will be a magician as long as you have equipped some of these weapons: pyromancer, priest, arcanist, ice wizard, sorcerer and the volume of the fighter. A magician has to be able to decimate groups of enemies, top off the rogue’s actions and be careful not to receive too many hits. To protect yourself, it is best to keep your back with the warrior, since it also works as a tank.

Albion Online Classroom Guide – Mage

This class of Albion Online gives access to builds of strength to cause large amounts of damage and protect Mages and Rogues when they are in danger. To be able to create a warrior, equip yourself with a wide sword, ax of war, hammer, club and crossbow to attack from a distance before actually doing damage.

With these weapons you will be the warrior you want to be, you just need to synchronize well to finish the game. If you liked Albion Online we encourage you to also play medieval life and merge dragons.

The First Adventurers Have Already Arrived On Albion Online

The “Albion Online” server is open. Sandbox Interactive emphasizes that the first adventurers have already arrived on the shores of the Royal Continent. Now that “Albion Online” is officially launched, everyone starts with a blank page and its story to write.

Legendary Starters and Founders, Veteran Starters and Founders as well as Epic Starters and Founders can play.


The player is invited to write his own story in the vast open world of Albion, a MMORPG sandbox in which he can decide his identity. No need to choose a class, it can also go from the knight to the magician simply by changing his armor and his weapons. Because it is his equipment that determines what he is. The vast world, open to exploration, consists of different unique biomes where each player’s actions will have consequences. It is an economy entirely run by the players.

The world of “Albion Online” is full of opportunities to compete with its fauna, its inhabitants and other adventurers. Dungeons, Hellgates or take over territories, the playground is huge. Players will find a little respite on their own island, where they can quietly build their home, grow their crops and raise their animals. In Albion, everyone counts.

All information and news are available on the official website of Albion Online or UpAlbion.

Albion Online: Buy Starter Packs To Visit The Game Earlier

The developer team of Sandbox Interactive has presented a total of three different Starter Packs for the official launch of Albion Online. Depending on the selection, players will get early access to the upcoming MMORPG.


Two days after the end of the beta phase of Albion Online, the developer team from Sandbox Interactive is preparing everything for the forthcoming launch of the MMO Rolling Game. Among other things, three different Starter Packs are now available, which, in addition to different contents, also guarantee earlier access to the game.

Officially, Albion Online is launching on July 17, 2017 – but only buyers of the new Legendary Starter Pack or owner of the previous Legendary Founder Pack have the chance to participate in the game. There are also some bonus content. These include 12,000 gold, 90 days of premium, exclusive equipment, avatars and more. You can find a complete overview of all additional content on the Albion Online website. From July 18, 2017, buyers of the Epic Starter Pack are ready to go. Finally, as of 19 July 2017, the servers are also available for Veteran Starter Pack owners. Players can also enjoy bonus content here.

You can find more news and videos about Albion Online on our theme page.

Kill The Guardians To Pick Up Valuable Loot In Albion Online

On the eve of the upcoming MMORPG update Albion Online, Sandbox Interactive posted a fresh release of the developer’s diaries. This time the article is devoted to the most powerful creatures of the game, known as the Guardians. They protect the world from the players. Naturally, it’s worth killing them to pick up a valuable loot. It is necessary to justify the hopes placed on you.


Do not even try to kill the Guardian in solo – you’ll need a group of about 10 people to defeat him, but if you bring a lot of people, the prey will have to be divided into all. It is worth noting that 15 minutes after the start of the battle, the Guardian will become enraged, and other players may well spoil your life by attacking you. But despite all the inconveniences, it’s the Guardians that will become the most valuable source of resources, because you can get as many as 2,560 Tier 6 resources (without taking into account the various bonuses).

The Guardian’s respawning is completely random. After the last murder, it can take 12 to 48 hours to wait before the boss is reborn again. This means that many guilds will day and night scour around the neighborhood and eliminate unwanted competitors. Of course, the Guardians will settle anywhere, so you’ll have to look for them in red and black locations, so get ready for a bloody battle for resources.

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Learning How To Build Solo-Gatherers Featured Time Management

Since we always offer some guides on creating powerful and attractive characters in Albion Online, we’ll tell you some tips to build an useful armory who provides the needed materials for new equipment without others’ help: solo-gatherers.

As the official notes show, solo-gathering has an obvious advantage compared to gathering in a group – time management. As a solo-gatherer, you are free to start your gathering whenever you feel like it and you won’t need to wait for a whole group of gatherers and guards to be ready to head out. The possible reward of sneaking into an area by yourself is more than worth the risk as long as you know what you are doing.


This guide is referred from a top Albion gatherers, Buldozer, who shared how to create an efficient ore-mining build. This special build make him can survive almost any ganks by up to five players while effectively solo-gathering. Before you start a similar build, keep the right mindset: you are a gatherer and not a combatant, so your focus has to be on avoiding and outsmarting your opponents instead of taking them head on, and so it is no surprise that his build focuses on dodging any combat in the first place by stacking mobility and defense.



Weapon of Choice: Bloodletter

The Bloodletter offers two dash abilities that are great for quickly moving away from your aggressors in case you get de-mounted. When using one of them, always click outside of your area circle to ensure you cover the maximum distance.

Sunder Armor – An attack dealing physical damage, and reducing the target’s armor and magic resist for a short amount of time. Stacks up to 3 times.

Dash – Dash towards the targeted area.

Lunging Stabs – Dashes to a ground target location, dealing physical damage to any enemy in the way. The amount of damage depends on the enemy’s remaining health.

Passive: Life Leech – Every normal attack, you restore health.

Offhand: Mistcaller – Reduces the cooldown times on your skills. You will be able to use all of your abilities more frequently with the Mistcaller, which increases your overall mobility; On top of that, it also allows you to outrange your opponents much faster, giving you time to mount up or hide.


Helmet: Miner Cap

Motivating Worker’s Song – Removes any movement-impairing effects, and makes you immune to movement-impairing effects, for 6 seconds. Doesn’t make you immune to forced movement effects, like knockbacks. Motivation Worker’s Song will not only allow you to remove their crowd control but will make you immune, allowing you to use your skills to get some distance between you and the people chasing you.

Passive: Mining Skills – Increases your gathering yield for Ore.


Chest: Miner Garb

Wind Shield – Your gathering speed is increased, and a wind shield surrounds you, for a short amount of time. Every time you receive damage, enemies around you will be knocked back. Additionally, your armor and magic resist are increased. Wind Shield is one of your strongest counters against melee attackers. The best thing about it? It knocks away all enemies close to you, even if only one of them is attacking you. Wind Shield also triggers if you are hit by a ranged attack. You can use Wind Shield before you jump on your mount. The knockback effect will stay, making escaping from your enemies easier.

Passive: Mining Skills – Increases your gathering yield for Ore.

Boots: Miner Workboots

Flee – Increases your movement speed by 120%, and your max load by 200%, for a short amount of time. After activation, you can’t cast spells or attack for 12 seconds. Flee is an important skill and your life saver if you are caught off-guard. The huge boost to your weight capacity allows you to outrun your opponent, even while being overloaded. Keep in mind, that you cannot use any skills for 12 seconds after using Flee, always use your dashes before you use it, their cooldowns will recover in the meantime.

Passive: Mining Skills – Increases your gathering yield for Ore.

Cape: Miner Backpack

Reduces the weight of Ore by 50%. As you want to be able to gather as many resources as possible without overloading yourself, the gatherer backpacks are a must-have. It will save you the risk of going out twice for the same amount of resources!


Mount: Armored Horse

Armored Horses are ideal for travel throughout the more dangerous parts of Albion, as they are relatively fast and safe.

The only option for a solo-gatherer in terms of mounts, is the Armored Horse. While an Ox would greatly increase your weight capacity, as a solo-gatherer it will be of little to no help to you once you are under attack. A Tier 7 Armored Horse is the optimal choice between benefit and costs, but you might want to consider using a Tier 5 Armored Horse if you are running low on silver.

Food and Potions

Pie and Omelette – Improves your gathering yield, and your load capacity and reduces your cooldown times. The Pie is a solid option for gatherers. The faster you can fill your inventory, the faster you can get your resources to a safe place. In addition, the Pie will increase the total amount or resources you can gather from rare nodes. However, the Pie won’t help you at all in a combat situation. To increase your chances of surviving, always have an Omelette ready. If you are chased you can quickly eat it to increase your mobility by lowering your cooldowns, but keep an eye on your weight. You cannot use the Omelette if you would end up overloaded by losing the Pie’s buff.

Resistance Potion – Improves your resistance, and your crowd control resistance for a short amount of time. Like the Motivating Miner’s Song, the Resistance Potion is there to help you to fight against any kind of crowd control. The value of not being caught in a place while multiple people are attacking you outweighs the missing healing.

Always keep communication and good reputation with other solo-gatherers nearby especially when solo-gathering. Use Shift + Left click to quickly stash your items into a chest. There are some things you can shared with them: hostile players, nodes or rare resources you cannot gather.

It should be noted that don’t stay in one area for too long as the longer you remain in the same area, the more likely a hostile scout might spot you. If you die you will not only lose your gathered resources but your gear as well. Remember that always have your mouse on your mount while gathering would help to keep alive.

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Albion Online: The New Black Market

The last big update before the official launch of Albion Online brings major changes and improvements into the game. One of the most interesting features of the “Hector” update will be the Black Market. Robin Henkys, Game Director of the Sandbox MMORPG, explains in a new video the mechanics of this system, which will lead to future PvE opponents dropping only objects originally crafted by players.

What Is The Black Market?

The Black Market merchant is a new NPC who buys items from players and distributes them on dark channels to the various factions, mobs and chests alike in the world of Albion. These, in turn, drop these items for the players as soon as they are defeated or found. The Black Market merchant is located in Caerleon, the capital of the Royal Continent.

How Does Black Market Trader Buy Items?

The black market is not a traditional NPC merchant because it has no fixed prices and no boundless demand for items. Whenever a monster is killed, for example, there is a chance that a purchase request will be placed on the Black Market. If a certain number of such active purchase requests exist, the price of the Black Market for the item increases. Thus, everything that happens on the black market is directly linked to the actions of players in the world.

If a killed monster drops a specific item, the system searches the stock on the Black Market. If the item already exists, the mob drops it and it is removed again. If it is not in stock, a corresponding order is generated and finally the purchase price increases.


The Black Market As An Item Sink

In Albion Online, PvP battles regularly cause gear to be destroyed. This mainly concerns objects of higher tier. This, in turn, results in low-tier equipment accumulating in large amounts in the game’s economic system. To remedy this and create a genuine lower tier sink, the Black Market trader will “lose” a certain percentage of items. Thus, a constant demand is generated for low-tier objects, some of which are “lost”.

Further Advantages Of The Black Market:

  • In general, the implementation of the Black Market will drop more items. So far, this has rarely been the case since the developers did not want to influence the player-controlled economic system. With the Black Market, this system regulates itself without the role of the players as a craftsman is lowered.
  • Furthermore, Essences are now obsolete in the refinement of materials and objects. The essences were originally an artificial tool to associate the PvE activities of the players with the making of objects. This role is now played by the Black Market in a much more natural way. However, Essences will not disappear completely from the game, since they are still needed for crafting Runes. In the future, however, they are intended to serve a different purpose.
  • And finally, already refined resources are no longer dropped by PvE mobs and chests. They are replaced by items crafted by players.


In general, the Black Market and the changes that come with it ensure that now increasingly cool PvE rewards will be available. However, this does not represent competition for gathering, refining and crafting, but complements these aspects.

The Black Market will be implemented with the “Hector” update on 7 June 2017. All the details about the upcoming Black Market are available here! Visit for the main innovations of the Hector update.

Albion Armory Update: The Creation Of Lugzi’s Flailing Knight

To be honest, when a man is faced with any difficulties, he should be good at adventure, in other word, he is fond of challenging risky things. Since a man’s got to do what a man’s got do. In this week, the aim of Albion build is for those of you that love to fearlessly engage their opponents to create the opportunity for their team. More details, recommend you visit here:


Albion Online is an open world, and being there, there are about 10 years battle, in addition, numbers are a vital factor for the outcome of the battle. Nonetheless, as long as both groups are just staring at each other from a distance, nobody wins or loses. In those situations, a single engage or counter can change the flow of the entire battle.

It’s no wonder that people create highly specialized builds with the single purpose of creating that opportunity for their team. According to Lugzi, as a guild leader of Zorn, he succeeded in creating one of those specialized engaging builds and decided to share it with the community of Albion. Today, we primarily introduced relevant news about Lugzi’s Flailing Knight.

About the Flailing Knight
Lugzi starts of about the creation of his build, and he elaborated: owing to he’s a main character in his guild, he intended to jump on the flail as it was buffed by adding the Pull Area into its available repertoire of abilities at the end of the first Beta. A tank can assist him to get a great overview and a good grasp of the overall situation on the battlefield and allows he not only to call shots but to set the tempo of the fight by myself as well.

Build Overview
Lugzi’s Flailing Knight is a real tank in terms of survivability. Despite passing on a shield, the build reaches over 70% of base damage mitigation from Armor and Magic Resist. Combined with another 7,5% reduced damage from the item’s passives, the build can easily be pushed to over 6,500 effective health before the Focus Fire debuff kicks in.

Combining that huge health pool with the build’s crowd control and defensive abilities does not only allows it to dive deep into the enemies’ raid but to come back out alive as well. As the Flailing Knight basically deals no damage on its own, you rely heavily on your team’s ability to capitalize on your engages.

You will need area-of-effect damage dealers in your back that start roasting your opponents the moment you have caught them. Combining your area crowd control with their area damage allows you to wipe out entire groups in a single and decisive strike.

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Resources From:

Albion Online: Enter The Center City Of Outlands

Today the guys at Sandbox Interactive bring us a new development diary in which they tell us the latest tests they have been doing and the goals they have been trying to achieve with the redesign of the Outlands. A redesign that wants to fill this PvP territory with a greater number of activities while adjusting the risk and difficulty for small groups of players.

Caerleon As The Only Central City

One of the main complaints we have in the Outlands is that cities are not fully fulfilling their role of being the home of guilds without territories or players without being excluded from the Real Continent. For this reason, we have decided to remove all the cities of the Outlands, as well as the ports. Instead, a large portal will be available in Caerleon, the central city of the Royal Continent.

This portal will take you to the different parts of the Outlands, with four exits for each region of the Outlands. The lower regions will have a green exit, the middle region will have a yellow exit and the high region will have a red exit. Using the portal will be free of cost, but will link you to the output you used for a short period of time, as well as the region of Outlands that have spent more time. This limits how guilds can project their strength into the Outlands while allowing Caerleon to function as a center for the Outlands.

With these changes, Caerleon will now be considered as the black zone city, allowing players with foul or dreaded reputation to enter into it.

Increased Rewards And Other Changes

There are two changes that benefit the Outlands.

First of all, the distribution of resources is being adjusted. All parts of the Outlands will have the same amount of resources, but they will have different rate of generation of enchanted resources, with the highest areas having the highest rate. In general, the black areas will have significantly more enchanted material than the Royal Continent. This created a strong incentive for the gatherers to go to the Outlands if they want to be able to get enchanted material level two or level three.

Second, to make GvG more attractive, we are changing the way in which territories with watch towers function. The Surveillance Towers will now be the only sites in the world where you can get the Tier 8 resources. On top of that, resources will appear at the start of the territory timer. This means at that time, or just after the first GvG fight, you can start collecting resources from that place.

If your guild does not have a territory with surveillance towers, you can still get the Tier 8 resources as you can now attack surveillance towers and collect your high-end resources, even if it does not belong to you.

Finally, we are currently testing the “anti-zerg” vision in the Outlands on the main server of Albion Online. This mechanism shows groups of more than ten players on the minimap, and generally should provide more balanced battles and general action. Right now we are analyzing the information we have collected from this test to see if we should keep the skill or not.

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Robin Henkys Answered Accordingly Common Questions About Albion

In principle, Albion Online is a very skill-based game with a player driven economy, Albion model is based around vanity items and a premium status. Premium status does not make you more powerful, but makes the game less grindy by allowing you to progress faster than non-premium players. The cool thing is: you can get premium with in-game currency such as albion online gold.

Some relevant questions that gamers asked, Robin Henkys answered accordingly, today, let’s list some major questions, and analyze its details. Furthermore, if you have more questions and need to be answered, you can visit official website: and then contact with us directly.


What made you drop your free to play plans?

Robin: We absolutely want to avoid that our 70.000 backers – who are making Albion Online possible in the first place – would have a bad playing experience because issues caused by a free to play launch, namely: over-crowding of the game world, spamming, botting and a toxic community.

What do your players think about free to play games?

Robin: In general, there always have been two groups of players when it came to the free-to-play model. The first group consist of players who are interested in Albion Online, but cannot afford to pay for the game. The second group consist of those that are naturally skeptical about free to play games, as they often have the tendency to become pay to win.

Players have been talking a lot about the changes to the Albion Online payment model can you give us a short history about this topic?

Robin Henkys: When we first came up with the idea for Albion Online, it was quite clear to us that we wanted to create a game that caters to a group of very dedicated MMO players that were looking for a game to play for many years. We needed to come up with a model that is not pay to win but still powerful enough to keep the game running without us having to spend too much of our development time on monetization.

Albion: Concerning All-In Wailing Bow And Build Overview

If you act as one of the decisive factors in a battle, you will be able to get the satisfying feeling. Pleasingly, the featured build of this week, those exhilarating moments is coming. Today, we primarily discuss about the All-In Wailing Bow. About more latest news, official website will timely update, please stay tuned it!

Concerning All-In Wailing Bow
ZvZ (Zerg vs Zerg), generally, it seem to that ZvZ is all about numbers, if you lack numbers, seemingly, you lack the damage. Hence, according to Shankz’s idea, making use of a smaller numbers to evenly fight larger zergs. Now, Shankz plan on creating his build, he emphasis on using the All-In Wailing Bow, you are legit all-in as every single skill is chosen to cap your total damage bonus before launching the Demon Arrow to one-shot multiple characters in you enemy’s backline.


Build Overview
With every single skill in this build being picked to multiply your already high base damage, the Demon Arrow becomes a more and more devastating one-shot threat every second you can prepare the launch of your final attack. However, the All-In Wailing Bow’s survivability is close to non-existent, especially when caught off guard in the preparation phase before launching the Demon Arrow, and you need to hide within your group to be safe from incoming attacks.

Being created around the Demon Arrow ability, the build offers huge range with great base damage that increases when hitting multiple enemies at once. Basically, the more enemies you are fighting, the more potential damage you can deal. It’s safe to say that the All-In Wailing Bow build is an extremely efficient build for huge skirmishes and massive fights in general, but it is also capable of dealing good damage in smaller matches.

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