The most Well-known Poe 3.3 Skills in Bestiary

Seeking strictly at this list, it seems clear that fire is really a preferred damage sort to build around. It’s also clear that a minimum of when leveling, the ability to traverse little gaps via Flame Dash and Leap Slam is very valued.


Probably the most preferred Vaal skills are both auras, together with the good majority of Vaal skills being hardly utilized. Numerous of these skills have received nerfs because of their release (4 years ago!), though extremely few have received buffs. That is anything we’re keenly aware of and hope to possess more news about in the coming weeks.

Since this list incorporates characters of all levels, it really is polluted to some degree by mules and also other low-level characters that for whatever cause don’t necessarily offer a precise snapshot of your meta. For that, let’s have a look at the best ten skills from each and every version of Bestiary for characters of level 70 and higher.

Leap Slam
Leap Slam is an attack skill that performs a leap to a target location, damaging and knocking back enemies landed on.

Shield Charge
The player charges at an enemy and bashes it with his shield. The target is broken, knocked back, and stunned. Enemies in the way are pushed for the side.


Blood Rage
Blood Rage applies a buff that bargains physical damage to the player more than time while increasing attack speed and life leech. Killing an enemy whilst this buff is active refreshes the buff duration and has a chance to grant a frenzy charge.

For additional information about Blood Rage, seeĀ PoE 3.3 Templar Builds for Inquisitor, Hierophant, Guardian


Summon Ice Golem
Summon Ice Golem can be a minion spell, summoning a Golem that grants the player improved Vital Strike Chance and Accuracy though active. The Ice Golem can use a barrage of icy spikes plus a chilling spinning dash that leaves chilled ground along with its melee attack.

Hatred casts an aura that gives bonus cold harm depending on the physical damage of the caster and their allies.