Kristaps Porzingis Will Be Cover Image Of MyNBA2K18

This mobile app will be available as a free download on September 7th.

2K has announced that athlete Kristaps Porzingis, player of the New York Knicks, will be the cover image of the MyNBA2K18 app that will be available, as a free download, from Sept. 7 on iOS, Android and Amazon.


This application allows, among other things, to scan your face from a mobile device to use the image in the promising NBA 2K18 of PS4 and Xbox One. MyNBA2K18 also includes the collectible NBA 2K themed card game, MyTEAM Mobile, that allows fans collect their favorite cards from players and NBA legends to later challenge other players in quick games, tournaments or special events.

“I’m thrilled to have been selected as the cover for MyNBA2K18 and to help deliver the ultimate mobile experience for NBA 2K fans,” said Kristaps Porzingis. “It’s awesome to be recognized by such an iconic brand after just a couple years playing in the league,” concludes the athlete.

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New ESO DLC Is Available Now In The Elder Scrolls Online On PS4/ PC/ Xbox One

Zenimax Online is launching a new pack for The Elder Scrolls Online. Entitled “Horns of the Reach”, this DLC brings unprecedented content to the MMORPG.

Thus, a new human and beast plagues the Jerall Mountains where we will have to face the Dreadhorn Clan. At the level of the content, we will have access to the Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. These two new dungeons will accommodate four players.

To get this DLC, you will have to go to the Crown Store of the game. Subscribers to ESO Plus can access it free of charge.

“Horns of the Reach” is available now in The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4, PC and Xbox One. If you need ESO gold in game, you can buy cheap ESO gold on ESO-GOLD.

Madden NFL 18: Four Endings of Longshot Mode

Endings of Longshot Mode

Longshot Mode has been out for many days, it’s familiar to us, because there are so many reports about it in the internet. As we know it’s a playable Movie. You are Devin Wade, an aspiring quarterback who has all the tools to be good at football but has gone through some unfortunate life events. The story follows you and your longtime best friend Colt Cruise as you both try to make the NFL despite what everyone thinks and says about you.

Four Endings of Longshot Mode
Today we mainly introduce the ending of Longshot mode, as for the progress and details you can check our history articles. Below is the four endings.

  • The first ending sees Devin getting drafted while Colt becomes a small time, honky-tonk country singer.
  • The second ending sees Colt getting drafted. However, Devin doesn’t get drafted but Dan Marino makes some calls and gets Devin an opportunity to sign with the same team that Colt signed with.
  • The third ending sees Colt getting drafted to the NFL and Devin doesn’t. Devin gets a call from Dan Marino and ends up joining with another team at the last minute, but he and Colt end up on separate teams despite both of them ending up in the NFL.
  • The fourth and the final ending involves Colt getting drafted and Devin doesn’t. However, the Washington Redskins coach will call and offer Devin a last-minute position on the team so that he can join up with Colt. Devin accepts and the two live out their dream as NFL superstars.

In this story mode, you can make certain decisions that affect your player’s draft grade throughout the whole story — it reminds me of the story mode in Injustice 2 when you have to pick a fighter for a certain level. It’s damn near identical. You have a limited amount of time to make each decision, so choose wisely.


FFXIV Is An Excellent MMO Gameplay And You Should Try Out

Dad of Light is the most notable video for Final Fantasy XIV, at the same time, this video is also worth focused. Recently, the latest Dad of Light was released, it tells the story of a father and son who play the game together without the father knowing who his in-game companion is. For this official trailer, visit website to watch it.

Final Fantasy XIV

The complete edition is perfect for newcomers as it includes the award-winning Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and the Heavensward and Stormblood expansion packs. Join others from around the world and start your own Final Fantasy XIV adventure today. Final Fantasy XIV has a great deal of fans, exceed 10 million players, this figure is a significant milestone.

Final Fantasy XIV is definitely an excellent MMO more people should try out. The latest trailer is also awesome. The expansion was good and offer new or interesting content. To celebrate the momentous milestone of 10 million FFXIV players, you can save 30% on phials of Fantasia, outfits, emotes, mounts and more. Don’t miss out on this chance, or your friends, to some glamourous items. Final Fantasy XIV Gil are available for purchase at FFXIV4GIL.

Final Fantasy XIV doing well and continuing to grow. Fans are good to see it prosper and hopefully for many more years. The September in this year is coming, what this means is that it’s nearly time for a new slate of content to arrive on Netflix. The streaming service has announced all of the new titles coming to the service, as well as everything that’s on its way out.

NBA 2K18 Classic Teams: New Orleans Hornets Team Is A Logical Choice

In NBA 2K18, at present, a classic New Orleans Hornets and Indiana Pacers squad confirmed. Chris Paul is the cover athlete for NBA 2K18, hence, New Orleans Hornets team is a logical choice. But until now, there are six unconfirmed teams, we will update latest news as soon as possible, you can visit website for details about the game.

NBA 2K18

The Pacers pushed the Miami Heat to six games that year before being eliminated in the Eastern Conference Finals. It was led by a 23-year-old Paul George who averaged 21.7 points per game. West, Lance Stephenson, George Hill and Roy Hibbert were also major contributors on the team.

Paul George was named an All-Star starter and Roy Hibbert joined him on the team as a reserve with Lance Stephenson narrowly missing out. Frank Vogel coached the East All-Star team too. The basic statistical leaders that season featured Paul George for points (21.7 per game) and steals (1.9 per game), Lance Stephenson for rebounds (7.2 per game) and assists (4.6 per game), and Roy Hibbert for blocks (2.2 per game).

Paul’s teammates were a 27-year-old David West, a 25-year-old Tyson Chandler and a 30-year-old Peja Stojakovic. The 22-year-old Paul led the Hornets to a 56-26 record and the Southwest division title. They lost in seven games to the San Antonio Spurs.

In an attempt to bolster their roster heading into the playoffs, the Indiana Pacers signed Andrew Bynum. He appeared in only two games before being ruled out indefinitely due to knee soreness. In this year’s edition of NBA 2K, there will be all-time rosters for each NBA team, so stay posted to see what the Indiana Pacers’ all-time roster will end up being. Full details and cheap NBA 2K18 MT for sale, here is everything that you want to get.

Bethesda Has Released The First DLC Expansion For TESO

Bethesda has released the first DLC player expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online since the release of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind in June. The DLC package “Horns of the Reach” includes the dungeons “Falkreath Hold” and “Bloodroot Forge” as well as various new items. Together with “Horns of the Reach” the (free) Update 15 is ready for the basic game. It includes the new battleground game mode “Chaosball” (PvP) and the battlefield “Arcane University”. Otherwise, bug fixes, changes to the balance, additions and “quality-of-life” improvements were made with the game update (details).


“The DLC player extension Horns of the Reach with two new dungeons is now available on PC and Mac, and is free of charge for all ESO Plus members, everyone else can buy them for 1,500 crowns at the Crown Store in the game Improvements that Update 15 will be free for all players, while the additions to the battlegrounds will be available to ESO: Morrowind free-of-charge (ESO: Morrowind ‘battlegrounds) for players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, on August 29th.”

DLC player expansion “Horns of the Reach”: “The Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold, two new, challenging dungeons, allow groups of four players to battle against the dangerous hordes of the Dreadhorn Clan. We’ve also included background stories, enemies, and rewards in our preview articles on the Bloodroot Forge and the Falkreath Hold on the ESO website. Horns of the Reach is also available in a special Collector’s Bundle that includes a unique selection of thematically matching items to Horns of the Reach to the DLC player expansion, including the Karthwolf Charger mount, Karthwolf Shepherd pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls. This exclusive package is available for a limited time at the price of 3,500 crowns in the Crown Store.”

Watch The Second Trailer Of NBA 2K18

Mobb Deep’s music was mixed with a charming trailer for the NBA 2K18. There will be all that can be related to basketball, ferocious people in stadiums and crazy players.

The joyful side of basketball is presented by NBA 2K18’s latest preview, where everything looks natural and realistic. The joy of the players, the smile of the pompous girls and the audience’s reactions. The sound is provided by the Mobb Deep hiphop duo Shook Ones.

The game will be released on September 19 for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4, but it will also be a Switch version.

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Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Brings About Improved Visuals

Final Fantasy XIV is a very different kind of game, you need to purchase both Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will bring with it swimming, diving, a boss fight against the running Final Fantasy villain Omega, and a new class: Red Mage.

NHL 18

Stormblood is the second full expansion for FFXIV and it brings about improved visuals. Final Fantasy XIV remains one of the best Final Fantasy games you can play, Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Square Enix. The game takes place in the fictional world of Hydaelyn, with the region in which the game is set called Eorzea.

The player’s character takes on the role of an adventurer, with the game starting with a vision of your character wielding a blade of light to strike down a masked man in black robes. FFXIV: Stormblood’s graphical settings and the impact they have on the game. We’ll also give you a good idea of the kind of PC hardware you’ll need to run Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood to your satisfaction.

Final Fantasy XIV also comes with an auto-detect feature which is pretty accurate to what people’s PCs can handle. The quality presets are ideal for those who don’t want to touch individual settings, allowing you to change multiple settings at once. To learn more about FFXIV, the different classes and features of the game, visit website now.

TESO Guide – Certain Classes Are More Proficient In Certain Aspects

Some newbies lost at classes in The Elder Scrolls Online. They don’t know whta these names say to them. Here we’ll tell you the labels veteran players signed for the classes.

Every class can do everything, just some are better at jobs then others. Like Nightblades are good Dps and okay tanks and while they can heal it isn’t exactly preferred.


A few of the classes have abbreviations that are straight forward: DK (Dragonknight), NB (Dightblade), sorc and temp.
A particular class doesn’t necessarily dictate a specific role. That said there is some nomenclature that we use to clear some things up.
“Stam” or “mag” with a class typically means a DD build centered around that attribute. We also mash the words together a lot (stamblade = stamina nightblade).

Healers and tanks are typically labeled as such (DK tank), although people often leave off the class. In this case it’s assumed that tanks are DKs and healers are Templars since these classes are the superior classes for the role (although not all DKs are tanks, in fact stamDK is an especially strong dos class right now).

As said before every class can do everything however certain classes are more proficient in certain aspects.

DK – Best used as Tank. Also strong magic DPS. Not sure about stamina DPS.
Sorc – Best used as magic DPS, have heard of sorc healers though. Never played a stam sorc but it’s good ones in PVP.
NB – Best used as stamina DPS. Have heard they’re pretty good magic DPS too, and run through content with NB tanks who have done really well.
Templar – Best used as healer. Usually keep him as a healer though just because templars are so built for it and I usually insta-pop queues.
Warden – Some players don’t have experience with the Warden but I guess the consensus is it’s a good #2 tank/healer. Somewhat lacking in both stamina and magic DPS.

Really unless you’re doing top tier endgame stuff, you should be able to tackle most stuff in any role with any class. Also respeccing is pretty easy so you can pretty much just change your skills out if you decide a certain archetype isn’t for you.

All of them can be damage dealers. For support, Dragonknight is by far the best tank. For healers, Warden and Templar are BiS.

All classes can do DPS, Heal or Tank but in general…

Dragonknight – Tank
Nightblade – DPS
Templar – Heal
Sorc – DPS
Warden – Jack of all trades, master of none

Of course, this is from the limited experience off the top of some veteran players.

Albion Online Guide On Creating Character

In this Albion Online guide we will talk about how to evolve our character to end up having a class, because the truth is that in Albion Online we do not have one, but we can configure ours to make it look and behave as such. This, of course, ends up delivering a build for each character, which will be the conclusion of our guide.

Therefore, in our Albion Online class and build guide we can get a Warrior, a Mage or a Rogue. The Warrior specializes in melee weapons, swords and axes. The Rogue is an expert in the use of bow while the Mage specializes in spells. To get to them you have to choose the correct weapons and manipulate the Target Table as we want.


In our Albion Online guide you will learn how to form classes and builds with your characters.

Anyway, even if you focus on one of the classes of Albion Online, remember that you can always switch to another one by changing your equipment. On the next part you will see how each of these builds is done.

Albion Online Class Guide – Rogue

To achieve this character build you will have to optimize the attack distance of your weapons, acquire healing abilities to serve as support and also improve your speed. With that object you make the following weapons: bow, spear, dagger, rod, torch and also the cane. The key to this class is to assault the enemy, cause him quick damage, and support and support for the rest of the team.

Albion Online Class Guide – Wizard

You will be a magician as long as you have equipped some of these weapons: pyromancer, priest, arcanist, ice wizard, sorcerer and the volume of the fighter. A magician has to be able to decimate groups of enemies, top off the rogue’s actions and be careful not to receive too many hits. To protect yourself, it is best to keep your back with the warrior, since it also works as a tank.

Albion Online Classroom Guide – Mage

This class of Albion Online gives access to builds of strength to cause large amounts of damage and protect Mages and Rogues when they are in danger. To be able to create a warrior, equip yourself with a wide sword, ax of war, hammer, club and crossbow to attack from a distance before actually doing damage.

With these weapons you will be the warrior you want to be, you just need to synchronize well to finish the game. If you liked Albion Online we encourage you to also play medieval life and merge dragons.