Mu Legend Try To Become An Loved International Game

The developer of Mu Legend try to make Mu Legend an loved international game. Even if Mu Legend have been improved a lot so far, but, Mu Legend will never cease to changing. For Mu Legend, some common questions were put forth. More questions can check out more at U4GM.

Mu Legend

Do you plan to develop mobile applications for Mu Legend?
Currently, we are developing a mobile application related to Mu Legend. When put into operation, players do not need to play games on the PC and can still benefit from events through this mobile application.

How did the development of Mu Online affect Mu Legend?
Mu Online is Mu Legend’s predecessor, however, these two games are completely different and less involved. Mu Online was launched in 2001, and after more than 10 years of operation, it has created a large community. We are unlikely to have any major impact on Mu Online gamers after Mu Legend has officially debuted.

With heavy PVP in Mu Online, new players always feel insecure and threatened. So in Mu Legend, how do producers make the newbie feel safer?
The most important goal of Mu Legend is to create a playground that anyone can experience and enjoy. For an MMORPG, the fun of the gamers is to play with multiple people at the same time. We will try to make it easy for gamers to start playing Mu Legend. However, to reach higher levels, gamers will have to overcome many challenges and difficulties due to the balanced algorithms that developers have designed.

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