Mu Legend & Open World: Simple And Quick Expedition

In Mu Legend, we have simple and quick expedition, banal crafting, no bigger penalties for death, simple rules and more. When you pick a class such as Whisperer, there is a preview of potential playing style but this does not mean that you′re forced to stick to one of these two styles, you can always switch your your abilities and spells.

Mu Legend

In Mu Legend, Mu Legend is a open gaming world, main story and side quests, other gamers you get in contact with, dungeons which you can run on your own or accompanied by numerous players. On high end level, you’re required to get a lot of items that drop in dungeons, rifts, and other content.

Mu Legend has a world map, you have to zoom out at max, different continents which entail different regions, you can easily switch between current city and capital city using an item, in general teleporting via using specific waypoint in the respective area. You can check out more latest news & guides at U4GM.

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