Robin Henkys Answered Accordingly Common Questions About Albion

In principle, Albion Online is a very skill-based game with a player driven economy, Albion model is based around vanity items and a premium status. Premium status does not make you more powerful, but makes the game less grindy by allowing you to progress faster than non-premium players. The cool thing is: you can get premium with in-game currency such as albion online gold.

Some relevant questions that gamers asked, Robin Henkys answered accordingly, today, let’s list some major questions, and analyze its details. Furthermore, if you have more questions and need to be answered, you can visit official website: and then contact with us directly.


What made you drop your free to play plans?

Robin: We absolutely want to avoid that our 70.000 backers – who are making Albion Online possible in the first place – would have a bad playing experience because issues caused by a free to play launch, namely: over-crowding of the game world, spamming, botting and a toxic community.

What do your players think about free to play games?

Robin: In general, there always have been two groups of players when it came to the free-to-play model. The first group consist of players who are interested in Albion Online, but cannot afford to pay for the game. The second group consist of those that are naturally skeptical about free to play games, as they often have the tendency to become pay to win.

Players have been talking a lot about the changes to the Albion Online payment model can you give us a short history about this topic?

Robin Henkys: When we first came up with the idea for Albion Online, it was quite clear to us that we wanted to create a game that caters to a group of very dedicated MMO players that were looking for a game to play for many years. We needed to come up with a model that is not pay to win but still powerful enough to keep the game running without us having to spend too much of our development time on monetization.