Albion: Concerning All-In Wailing Bow And Build Overview

If you act as one of the decisive factors in a battle, you will be able to get the satisfying feeling. Pleasingly, the featured build of this week, those exhilarating moments is coming. Today, we primarily discuss about the All-In Wailing Bow. About more latest news, official website will timely update, please stay tuned it!

Concerning All-In Wailing Bow
ZvZ (Zerg vs Zerg), generally, it seem to that ZvZ is all about numbers, if you lack numbers, seemingly, you lack the damage. Hence, according to Shankz’s idea, making use of a smaller numbers to evenly fight larger zergs. Now, Shankz plan on creating his build, he emphasis on using the All-In Wailing Bow, you are legit all-in as every single skill is chosen to cap your total damage bonus before launching the Demon Arrow to one-shot multiple characters in you enemy’s backline.


Build Overview
With every single skill in this build being picked to multiply your already high base damage, the Demon Arrow becomes a more and more devastating one-shot threat every second you can prepare the launch of your final attack. However, the All-In Wailing Bow’s survivability is close to non-existent, especially when caught off guard in the preparation phase before launching the Demon Arrow, and you need to hide within your group to be safe from incoming attacks.

Being created around the Demon Arrow ability, the build offers huge range with great base damage that increases when hitting multiple enemies at once. Basically, the more enemies you are fighting, the more potential damage you can deal. It’s safe to say that the All-In Wailing Bow build is an extremely efficient build for huge skirmishes and massive fights in general, but it is also capable of dealing good damage in smaller matches.

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