Downsizing is normal “Revelation Online” hell Longyuan lava gatekeeper Raiders

The proposed combat power in the 33-34 million between the team can try.

Configuration: 2 temples, a light edge, 2 Delicate, 2 Yuxu, 2 inflammation days, a streamer.

First of all, the gatekeeper this picture, in fact, the development team has done very intimate. The entire map up and down about four locations have a small magma cave. Adjacent distance is almost exactly the distance between the three BOSS. Of course, this hole is not to stand up, and will be hurt every second.

Secondly, we say the next station allocation, the distance between the three BOSS 30 meters away from the outside respectively. Including Blackstone BOSS after the death of the mobs, they must also be brought to 30 meters away from the kill. BOSS will be too close from the invincible, and enhance a lot of damage. So the distance problem is the most important. Nurse standing in the middle of the prominent rocks, Blackstone T at 2 points, steel T at 1 point, the first set of remote DPS Blackstone BOSS output.

Kill order: 1 Blackstone gatekeepers -2 steel gatekeepers -3 lava gatekeepers

Blackstone gatekeepers

The BOSS damage is relatively low, recommended light edge T.. BOSS has two skills:

1: Fire Heart (15 seconds CD)

BOSS will read the article for their return to a certain amount of blood.

Coping method: the light edge should be cut to life and cut down the CD are all points out, so that each time the BOSS will be cut when the magic of its broken.

2: Death Call

BOSS will be dead after it calls out the body as the center of the number of more than 10 mobs.

Coping method: all output occupations in BOSS20% blood when leaving unparalleled, Xiaoguai after the emergence of DPS set open fire out.

Special problems: 1. Often said that Xiaoguai run around, where the light edge T need to pay attention to is that after the emergence of mobs should be the first time to build up hatred. Pinch a scattered flashy, kick down the circle, the rest to the DPS like. Less than a last resort, the blood spilled or pinching do not have to be good, otherwise with the blood spilled, hatred moment on the confusion.

2.DPS in the finished output after the existence of two to three missing mobs, and mobs hatred is not T body. This time the DPS need to pay attention to all the people rely on the light edge around, so that mobs and the remaining BOSS to maintain the appropriate distance.

3. Life insurance. Here summoned mobs damage surprisingly high, especially the fire-breathing, the output of the basic two-second. So the presence of the output according to the situation to determine, feel wrong or give priority to life as well.

Steel gatekeeper

The BOSS damage is relatively high, recommended Holy T. BOSS has two skills:

1: Flame cycle cut

BOSS waving ax 360 ° turn around, ax with a flame effect on the melee range of members of a large number of injuries.

Coping methods: This skill damage slightly higher, but the temples can be hard to eat.

2: Ragefire with burst

BOSS with a large ax 360 ° turn after the fire to pound the ground, to the progressive way of linear flame damage to personnel and repel.

Coping methods: personnel attention good station, can be hard to eat.

Special problems: nanny station to pay special attention to, lava BOSS has a very large range of skills, very close to the middle of the rock, not to the back of the fire rain place to prevent the release of iron and steel into the fire after the fight back into the rain.

In the black stone gatekeeper and steel gatekeeper died, in addition to T lava BOSS church, all the other staff the first time to the middle of the protrusions of the rocks on the lava output.

Lava Gatekeepers

The BOSS recommended Holy T BOSS has three skills:

1: wall of the flame

After a short Xu Li, BOSS will contain the power of the flame of the fist pound the ground, as the full-screen players into harm to the ground.

Coping method: T lava BOSS people should promptly remind people to jump up in the voice. Reminded about the opportunity to raise their fists in the BOSS and fist braved the flame after 1 second.

2: Hellfire burst rain (opening about 30 seconds to release, for about 1 minute)

BOSS body braved the flame with a big ax to the air to the air, the current station as the center, cast a radius of about 25 meters of the rain circle. Damage: high

Coping method: the first time away from the main T (BOSS standing fire rain will stack damage), and BOSS to another unmanned point.

3: lava fire (name can be dispersed)

BOSS will flame seeds were randomly thrown to the presence of four or less personnel, to disperse or 10 seconds after the outbreak of the lava (DOT will be higher per second, higher damage), spike personnel with fire and transmitted to other people within 20 meters around. Two ways to view: 1. The named person will have a 10-digit orange countdown on his head. 2. The name of the team interface is named on the right there will be a small flame icon.

Response: named members quickly leave the crowd, away from other personnel in 20M away to disperse DEBUFF state or wait for death (a soul stone can be renewed). (See below)

Special Issue: Our fixed team took a wait after death. Because the staff of the response varies, and often run in the same direction. Perhaps there are Yuxu after being named in response to the flash quickly out of the refrigerator, since that is prepared to come back after the output safety, the results encountered a slow response to the half-shot from the side of the passing. Then Yu virtual again with DEBUFF back to the crowd. . . Then there is no then, back to the big world. So in the practice of N times, our team does not require where to run, as long as you die in the 20M place is not transmitted to other personnel like.


1. For the name of the prevention methods are many, such as Yuxu pay two seconds ahead of the refrigerator, Xuebao Xuebao can be. Individuals do not advocate doing so in unfamiliar situations.

2. The BOSS nurse should be able to remove the talent to remove the Green Man, so that after the death of iron and steel and Blackstone, the group will not spread the name brush out. Of course nanny can also be directly to the green man from the bar throw skills.

Tip: Lava Gatekeepers BOSS attrition is a very normal situation, even in the case of only 1 team or 3 individuals, should try to stick to it, perhaps squeeze the last point of that output on the past.

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