Polar kebbit is the lowest level Runescape hunting skill

You can track and catch with a noose wand in Runescape with these five types of kebbits. Even though these five beasts are in different locales, the method used for tracking them is basically the same.We’ll show where each of the five “trackable” kebbits can be located on the Runescape map.

Polar kebbit is the lowest level kebbit you can track with the hunting skill.These little guys can be found in the Trollweiss Hunter area that’s just north of Rellekka and the Keldagrim Entrance as shown in the screenshot below.

Polar Kebbit Located in Runescape

As you only need Hunter Level 1 to track polar kebbits, you can start hunting these animals at any time. When you catch one, you’ll obtain bones, raw beast meat, and polar kebbit fur. The fur can be taken to the Fancy Dress Shop in Varrock and turned into polar camouflage gear. Wearing polar camouflage gear will improve your chance of success when hunting in polar regions.

Hunting Polar Kebbit

Polar kebbit fur is also used as an ingredient for the Summoning skill so it fetches a nice price on the Grand Exchange – you can actually get more than 2000 gp for one piece of polar kebbit fur most of the time! That’s not bad at all, assuming you have some decent means of getting around such as access to the fairy rings or a teleportation item to get you to nearby Rellekka.