How to Get Easy RuneScape Gold

“RuneScape,” an online role-playing game released in 2001, allows players to create a custom character and take him along on fantasy-themed quests. In “RuneScape,” gold, or GP, is the currency used to purchase potions, equipment and other items. With enough GP, your character can always have the strongest armor and weapons available. Throughout the game, you will have many opportunities to make and find GP, for instance, by killing monsters and bandits.


Work in the mines until your character reaches level 20 Mining,and create equipment to each level 20 Smithing.Travel to Varrok and mine iron from the caves.Take the iron to a smelter to turn it into bars.In Varrok,use the blacksmith equipment to turn the bars into short swords,which can be sold for Runescape GP.

Go to the Ardounge stalls and walk behind the Baker’s stall. Pick the lock of the one-story house. Inside the house is a chest. Walk up to the chest and choose “Search for Traps” to receive 10 GP. Exit the house, then repeat the process to get as much money as desired.Get your character to level 35 by killing creatures and gaining experience. At this level, Black Knights appear in the field. Kill them to receive gold or other valuables, such as rubies, sapphires and runes. These items may be sold to any shop for various amounts of GP.

Reach level-30 mining and you can mine coal. Go to Draynor Market with all of the coal you mine. Coal may be traded there for coal certificates, which can be sold at a shop for 1,000 GP each.Go to the town of Al-Karid and enter the house next to the silk trader’s shop. Kill the man inside the house to receive between 1 and 30 GP and three Fire Runes. Exit the house, then re-enter to find the man alive again. You may repeat this process as many times as you like.

Raise your magic to at least level 33 to gain the Telekinetic Grab power. Travel to Varrock and enter the basement of the Northwest Bank. Use the Telekinetic Grab power to drag valuable items, such as gold bars and rings, to you. Sell these items in town.Sell food and Runes to travelers wandering around in the wilderness. These travelers are out of supplies, and pay more than some items are worth because they need them.And at last pickpocket people to obtain GP, as well as the items in their pockets, which can be sold at stores.