How to Solve Runescape Puzzle Boxes

“RuneScape” puzzle boxes are arguably the most challenging part of solving Treasure Trails clue scrolls. Other tasks may be as simple as speaking to a non-player character (NPC) and receiving the next clue. However, puzzle boxes require a mechanical, time consuming approach. Many players actually give up on their scrolls if they receive a puzzle box. Knowing how to solve a puzzle box correctly makes the difference between hours of frustration and completing your clue scroll efficiently.

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1.Speak to the non-player character (NPC) to receive your puzzle box. Your previous clue scrolls leads you to this NPC.

2.Open up the puzzle box. It is absolutely paramount to take a look at the completed puzzle images ib case waste runescape gold .

3.Approach the image one row at a time. This is the key to solving the puzzle box. First, try to align all of the tiles of the first row correctly. You do this by shifting around the pieces (just click on a piece next to the open space). This is slow at first, but you get used to it quickly. Repeat this process for the first few rows, until you have two rows left.

4.Align the remaining two rows into a square and a rectangle. The square’s dimensions are two by two, and the rectangle’s dimensions are two by three. Avoid mixing up any of the already completed rows. There is always a way to solve the puzzle without ruining your progress. Get the square solved first. Then move around the remaining six pieces until the image is complete and the only square remaining is in the bottom right square. If you complete the puzzle correctly, you hear a noise.

5.Close the puzzle box. Speak to the NPC again, and he gives you your next clue (or the treasure).