Why u seek for Runescape

We can’t deny the fact that the Runescape friends available in the Runescape world are decreasing rapidly recent a few monthes.We are wondering what keeps u still playing Runescape while a lot of players already give up this game .Is it true for u that when u reach level 99 and then give up the game? or u are just fighting with the monsters in hope to get the perfect Firecape.Maybe ,u are just farming and save enough runescape gold to buy a useful item for staking.The joys with friends in this game can keep u going as well .Or right now,u can not find better game to play and Runescape has become your habit already .Now take this poll and let’s find together what is the reason that makes us stick to RS up till now

Runescape tips

Option 1.highest level 99:This is normal for humans ti always pursuit the perfect.level 99 is the destination of a lot of players.So do I.If the all level99 is completed, and PVP still does not come out,I would abandon this game as well

Option 2.Perfect firecape:This is not rare for a lot of players to have a perfect firecape in the game. The chance to get the perfect Firecape is rare than the chance to get a legendary item.

Option 3.Certain Supporting Item: As the items in the GE are too high, we always cherish a hope that we would loot the items we can use ourselves. And we keep farming although the hope is dim. There is no limit to get the best gears. sell cheap runescape gold

Option 4.Joys with Friends: Good social Community is always a good reason to keep the players in the game. Fighting with friends side by side in the game and share the joys to get an awesome items and golds are an unforgettable experience in RS.

Option 5.No better Choices: When we have develop it into a habit to play Runescape .RS is part of our life. What’s more, there is not so much game can compare with Runescape interesting plots.

Option 6.Make money for better life:We can see in game there are a lot runescape players have a lot extra runescape gold to sell .Some of them with high skills can staking a great deal of rs gold then sell to others.By selling extra rs gold makes them a better life.

Seen above options , what’s the reason for u to seek for Runescape ?