Fast Method for u to achieve 99 woodcutting on Runescape

Do u want to get 99 woodcutting the fastest way possible? Well, doing it this way will not make you rich, but it will get you to 99 faster than any other way. Don’t believe the people who tell you to cut maples and yews – they are dead wrong. This guide is based around a level 3 skiller.

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1.Regular (Free Members) Method
First, equip yourself with a bronze axe. You should have one after coming off of tutorial island. Once you can use a steel axe, get one. Gradually, you can move on to mith, addy, and finally rune. If you’re a member with money, you can purchase dragon. Be sure to upgrade every chance you get.

Second,Make your way to Draynor village.

third,Start cutting all of the trees until you reach level 15 in woodcutting. Be sure to put them in the bank. You will have around 100 or 200 when you get 15 wc. 100 normal logs are around 40gp each. Each 100 is 4k, so if you get 1k , that will equal 40k. Each oak is a little more, about 78gp.

forth,At level 15, start cutting oaks. Be sure to bank all of the oaks you get. These sell for a decent amount of GP. When you hit 41 woodcutting, grab a rune axe and move on to willows.

fifth,If you’re level 3, cut the willows right below the Draynor bank until level 75. There are no wizards anymore so it’s all good.

sixth,Once you reach level 90 woodcutting, you can either move on to yews to make some quick money, or cut willows for 99 (fastest).

2.Members Method
First, Levels 1-15 – Cut regular trees with your bronze axe until 15. Make sure you have the best axe out there if possible.

Second, Levels 15-41 – Cut oaks until level 41, when you should buy a rune axe.

Third, Levels 41-99 OR 41-85 – Cut willows at the barbarian outpost. It will take you about 140k willows if you decide to take those to 99, but, do the math.

Forth,Levels 68-99 – If you want really good EXP cut Ivy At ardy. or at Varrock North castle wall. This is the quickest way to level to 99. You wont get any logs but you can gets nests which have many seeds including magic which is worth a lot.
Even though it wont help you in real life and you learn nothing from doing this it feels good to have a level 99 skill. Throw a party in your house. The skill cape is, unfortunately, only for members, so non-members cannot have skill capes and the Skill Cape emote.

Tips for u
1.This is a new feature, but try woodcutting the Ivy that grows on some of the walls around Runescape, you get 322.5xp every time you chop off a piece of ivy, and although you don’t get anything but birds nests, it’s worth it in the long run. Varrock is your best bet to cut but usually its crowded at peak times!

2.If you want to get 99 woodcutting in a week without lifting a finger and still use the skillcape, you can use a bot. A bot is against the runescape rules but it’s a real time saver when you play runescape. Use it wisely.

3.Make it a friendly contest! Make it a race with a friend to get 99 woodcutting first! But make sure you don’t get too caught up in it. You could say or do something that will make your friend mad or annoyed and they may halt the contest or even more harsh, quit being your friend

4.Lastly, save up the runescape money you get from Woodcutting. For members, the Skill Cape costs 99,000gp from the Woodcutting Master located in Lumbridge by the canoe station. If you are a member, have 99 Woodcutting, want that Cape, and have 99k, then go buy that Skill Cape!