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wow powerleveling
wow powerleveling

All World of Warcraft players have this same question” is it safe to buy WOW power leveling from web stores or from other sellers?” Risks can exist everywhere. But usually it’s 100% to buy power leveling on website if you don’t use power leveling service. We collect some opinions for you, so you can refer to the different suggestions before you buy.

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“Dont do it lol. First of all they will probably steal ur pass and ruin ur acc. And even if they don’t, they will be using a bot to make the money so jagex will pwn u and u will be banned. And the site could steal your credit card number or something.” Said by Tom Mahoney

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Places to Mine Gold in “RuneScape” for F2P Players

Having the ability to mine gold is a profitable skill in the online game “RuneScape.” To mine gold, you must have at least Level 40 Mining. Because “RuneScape” limits the areas an F2P player can enter, obtaining gold ore can be frustrating. F2P players can mine gold in five locations in the F2P area

RuneScape Gold

Crafter’s Guild Mine
The Crafter’s Guild is located southwest of Falador, just south of the Dark Wizards’ Tower. To enter the Crafter’s Guild, you must have at least Level 40 Crafting and be wearing a brown apron. The guild has many crafting items, including a pottery wheel, amulet and bracelet moulds, a Tanner, spinning wheel and a mine. Included in the mine are six silver, six clay and six gold rocks.

Dwarven Mine
The Dwarven Mine is located below Falador and is the largest mine for free players. The mine has four entrances: Falador Mining Guild, south of Falador East Bank, Ice Mountain and an entrance from Keldagrim via the rail cart. Included in the Dwarven Mine are many ore rocks, including two gold rocks

Crandor Isle Mine
Crandor Isle Mine contains the dragon you slay in the Dragon Slayer quest. To access Crandor Isle, you must travel to Karamja and enter the volcano. Walk north, through the underground tunnel and enter Crandor Isle. The island contains several ore rocks, including 10 Coal, eight Mithril, three Adamant and three RS Gold. The Gold ores are located on the northeast side of the island, past the King Scorpions. If you are a low-level player, bring food and armor to protect yourself from the monsters on the island.

Karamja Volcano Gold Mine
The Karamja Volcano Gold Mine is located in the Karamja Volcano. The volcano includes many monsters for free and member players. To enter the gold mine, travel to Karamja and enter the volcano. The gold ore is located on the northeast side of the room. Included in the Karamja Volcano Gold Mine is four gold ores. If you are a low-level player, bring food and armor to protect yourself from the Level 22 Skeletons and Level 34 Deadly Red Spiders.

Rimmington Mine
The Rimmington Mine is located between Port Sarim and Rimmington.The mine contains two Clay,two Tin ,five Copper,six Iron and two Gold rocks.The Rimmington Mine has no monsters and bi required level to enter.Although the mine is safe,it is rarely crowded because the nearest bank is located in East Falador.

How could I get much more wow gold

Money-making is something which requires time, efforts and sometimes even money to start with. Some people can buy cheap WOW gold easier online,but for some people who are not rich enough,so how could they get much more wow gold in game?

Skills are a big part of World of Warcraft. If you want to get high levels for your WOW accounts, you need to work a lot on skilling. Each skill is different in its own way. Some skills spark an interest, and others can be boring and slow. Now,we will tell you the some skills that can make much money. The first:Hunter is a great skill to help make money with,there are Chinchompas at level 53, which can be sold for a decent amount of cash. Later on in the skill, you will be able to hunt Red Chinchompas, which is basically the key thing to hunt with hunter. They give great EXP, as well as good cash.

At 76 fishing, you can catch and sell sharks. I don’t recommend cooking sharks, as it decreases their value, you’ll burn some, and it requires more time. Before level 76 Fishing, you can fish things like Monkfish, Swordfish, or Lobsters for money. And also woodcutting is a great way to make money at all levels. Though you can sell almost every type of log because they are so popular, here are the most common ones. Willow trees are great to cut at a low level until you can cut yews. Its good money as well.

Once you hit 60 woodcutting you can go straight to use or keep on willows until you raise your woodcutting level higher. Once you start yews, you will find this is a great way to make money. Just like willows, keep cutting until at least level 80. Once you raise your woodcutting high enough, making money from woodcutting will be a snap.

Maybe you have some different idea about the WOW gold making,but we still hope these skills can help you no matter which one you most like to play,if you want to make money,please keep attention on our website,we will tell you more easy and interesting way to help you get more money here!

How to Get Free Chaos Runes in RuneScape

Chaos runes are powerful and a very good way to make money in Runescape,but they’re not easy to come by.There are a few places in the Runescape world to get free chaos runes-if u are willing to face the danger that comes with it.Here are some better tips for u to get free chaos runes in RuneScape.

Runescape skill
Runescape guide

Head to the Black Knight’s Fortress, located in the levels 14 to 16 Wilderness northwest of Edgeville. You can collect unlimited runes in the north rooms as they respawn. The chaos runes are west of the elemental rune room.Attack Gunthar the Barbarian in the Barbarian’s Village. He will occasionally drop runes if defeated. Do not attack him, however, unless you are at least level 30.Attack Gunthar the Barbarian in the Barbarian’s Village. He will occasionally drop runes if defeated. Do not attack him, however, unless you are at least level 30.

Hunt down the moss giants in levels 36 to 37 Wilderness, around the Lava Maze and Red Dragon Isle. Not only can the giants drop chaos runes, but there are six respawning runes in this area.Create the runes yourself with the chaos altar in the Abyss, found in the Wilderness north of Edgeville. You’ll have to complete the Abyss mini-quest and mine the rune essence, but it still costs less than buying them.

In Dungeoneering, chaos runes can be crafted, although they can only be used in the dungeon and give 0.17 experience per essence only. Free players can also craft chaos runes while in Daemonheim.

Tips & Warnings:Chaos runes cn sell for up to 200 rs gold pieces,but using them to build your magic level can be even better .Use them to reach level 44 and make nature runes that sell for 300-500.
The Wilderness is one of the most dangerous lands with vicious attacks,espically u could lose,and make sure u can escape by teleporting.

Easy & Fast Way to Get Money on Runescape

RuneScape is an MMORPG, which stands for massive multiplayer online role playing game, where players choose a character and join a thriving fantasy world filled with evil forces, warring tribes and other users intent on marking their mark and amassing gold coins and items along the way. The desperate search for money in RuneScape has lead to real-world trading, and many people have handed over real money to get currency in a free online game. With so much hysteria surrounding RuneScape gold coins, tips and tricks on how to get more gold are more valuable than ever.

Runescape guide
Runescape tips

Sell bones. There are bones all over the RuneScape world, and they can be sold for gold coins at the Grand Exchange. Go to the woods behind Lumbridge Castle and search for bones left behind from the regular goblin-killings that take place there. Players often leave the bones behind, but they can fetch a good price. Big Bones are selling for 623 gold coins at time of writing (November 2010). Search the cow field, because many players only take the hides from the cows.

Go fishing. Fishing, according to Rune HQ, is one of the “big three” methods of money-making on RuneScape. Lobsters, swordfish and sharks are the fish to look out for, and if you’re a full member you can also catch monkfish. Go to Caterby, the Fishing Guild or Musa Point to catch your fish. Selling them raw is preferable, but you can still turn a profit if you want to use them to up your cooking skill. Raw swordfish is worth 439 gold coins at time of writing.

Trade silk.If u have 5000 gold coins,go to the silk trader in Alkharid and buy 2,500 silk from him. Now, go to Ardougne and sell the silk. Ask the trader for 120 gold coins for each one, and he will (rightfully) refuse. He offers you 50 gold coins for each, but click on the option to sell for 60, and he will foolishly accept. This will get you 150,000 gold coins for the investment of 5,000. Unfortunately, however, Ardougne is a members-only world.

Hunt cattle.U can make a lot of money by selling cowhides.The competition can be fierce,but a bit of time spent hunting can yield great results.Go to the fileds behind the windmill.U will find a storage box that will allow u to carry more than 28 hides,and there are a lot of cows there to skin.

Where to find the RS Gold for Sale

Runescape gold is always needed in the world as long as the game existed, as we all know, runescape is really a bid and wonderful game which had brought so much influence all over the world. As the game develops, how and where to get the rs gold for sale is becoming a great problem for all the runescape players.

RS gold tips
RuneScape coins

Of course, players can make the gold farming in the game, but mostly, it needs to take so much time. So most of the runescape guys prefer to buying the rs gold on the runescape gold selling sites. If you want to find a place to sell runescape gold, what should you pay attention and how did you find the best and great site? Of course, you can search it on google. If you want someone to help you go through the site to have the rs gold for sale, I think you need to see this article and following is the details.

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The Most Challenging Quests in “RuneScape”

“RuneScape” is an online role-playing game where players create a character and train them in different skills. Players can play for free, or access expanded content by becoming a Runescape  membership. “RuneScape” also has other activities that players can participate in to gain experience, items or access to areas. Quests are one of these activities, and are available for both non-members and members, but the most challenging quests are only for members.

RuneScape Quest
RuneScape Quest

A quest is an activity that “RuneScape” players can choose to participate in. Quests give players experience in skills used in the quest, as well as items only available after completing the quest. Quests may also be required to access special areas or before beginning a new skill. Quests vary in difficulty from easy to very challenging. The challenging quests are generally long, and require higher-level skills and more risk.

“Nomad’s Requiem”
“Nomad’s Requiem” requires a player to have level 70 magic, 75 prayer, 65 hunter, 66 mining and 60 construction. They must have completed the quest “King’s Ransom,” the Soul Wars Tutorial, one game of Soul Wars and the Knight Waves Training Ground. Players should also have a combat level of at least 85 and an herblore level of 88 or more. During the quest, you either have to run past or fight level 115 and 180 monsters, and the final fight of the quest is against a level 699 monster. The quest has several puzzles that need solving and features the most difficult battle in a quest.

“The Void Stares Back”
Players who attempt “The Void Stares Back” must have completed the quests “A Void Dance,” “Quiet Before the Swarm” and “Wolf Whistle.” They must have level 80 magic, 78 attack and strength, 71 firemaking, 55 summoning, 10 defense and 70 construction, crafting and smithing. A combat level of 100 is also recommended. Most of the monsters that players will encounter are between levels 60 and 89, but the final fight is against a level 599 monster.

“While Guthix Sleeps”
The quest “While Guthix Sleeps” pits players againet monsters with combate levels of between 38 and 138,and the final battles are against a level 454 and a 450. Players must have level 23 summoning, 60 thieving, 55 hunter, 75 magic, and 65 farming and herblore. A high defense level is recommended because of the number of monsters that will attack the player. The quests that the player must have completed include “Defender of Varrock,” “Dream Mentor,” “The Hand in the Sand,” “The King’s Ransom,” “Legends’ Quest,” Mourning Ends 1 & 2,” “The Path of Glouphrie,” “Recipe for Disaster,” “Summer’s End,” “Swan Song,” “Tears of Guthix” and “Zogre Flesh Eaters.”

Why the gold ore Runescape is so important in runescape

As we all know, gold ore is a type of ore that can be obtained through Mining gold rocks in various places throughout RuneScape. Gold ore can be mined with a Mininglevel of 40 or higher, granting 65 Mining experience. But to make your runescape account much more powerful and stronger, the most important thing is still runescape 3 gold and runescape 2007 gold.

runescape guide
runescape skill

Most of rs players would like to farm gold by themselves, but it’s really boring to farm gold. Also it takes too long to collect enough gold for an item or equipment they want. So they choose to buy rs gold from websites directly. Usually, it’s instant delivery when you purchase gold on usfine. They offer 24/7 livechat support service. You can buy any amount of runescape items or gold at any time.

An alternative place to mine rs gold is the Brimhaven north-west mine. If the Fairytale II – Cure a Queen and Holy Grail are completed, it is very easy to get to a bank. Slightly north of the rocks is a watchtower that you can walk under, as is done during the Holy Grail Quest. Blowing a Magic Whistleunder it will result in the player being teleported to the King Fisher Realm.

From here, run north across the bridge and use the Fairy Ring to teleport to Zanaris to bank the ores. Repeat to get back to the mining spot using the Fairy Ring Code BJR. There is also another mining spot farther south, which is close to the entrance to the Brimhaven Dungeon. Players that completed Deadliest Catch unlocked a bank deposit box to the south of the Brimhaven Dungeon that is even closer.

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The guide to Double Runescape Money

One method for doubling your money in the online role-playing game RuneScape is by having your character create and sell gold jewelry. This has relatively low requirements and gives your character experience in the Crafting skill. This method is not aimed at high-level players, but it is a reliable way to increase your wealth.


runescape guide


1.Go to the Grand Exchange area northwest of Varrock. You can teleport to Varrock and head northwest, or walk east from Edgeville.

2.Post an offer on the Grand Exchange to buy runescape gold bars. Buy as many gold bars as you need, until you have invested the amount of money you want to double.

3.Go to a smithing furnace. Furnaces are close to banks in Edgeville, Falador and Al-Kharid. These are the best to use because it is easier to store and retrieve the gold bars and finished jewelry.

4.Click on a gold bar in your inventory, then click on a furnace while you have a jewelry mold (bracelet, ring or necklace) in your inventory. Select the number of bars you want to turn into jewelry. Your character will craft the pieces, which will appear in your inventory in place of the bars. Continue taking inventories full of gold bars to the furnace until you have crafted all of them.

5.Take Jennica’s Ring (which you got during the Summer’s End quest) to the Rogue’s Castle in the Wilderness. Use the ring near the jail to enter the spirit world where everything is the opposite of the “real” world. Close the doors to the jail, then return to the normal world through the portal there.

6.Talk to the Rogue in the cell now that the doors are open. He will thank you for helping him and will offer to buy any gold jewelry from you. He moves to Varrock to start his own shop there.

7.Return to Varrock and go to the bank in the east part of the city. Go south of the bank to find the Rogue in the house there. Click on the gold jewelry in your inventory, then click on the Rogue to sell it to him. He will pay you the current minimum market value for your jewelry. This value is usually double what you paid for the gold bars initially.

1)The Summer’s End quest is available only to RuneScape members. If you are playing the free version or do not have the skill levels required to complete the quest, you can sell your jewelry on the Grand Exchange, but it will take longer to be bought.
2)Jewelry molds are available for purchase at crafting stores.

How to Solve Runescape Puzzle Boxes

“RuneScape” puzzle boxes are arguably the most challenging part of solving Treasure Trails clue scrolls. Other tasks may be as simple as speaking to a non-player character (NPC) and receiving the next clue. However, puzzle boxes require a mechanical, time consuming approach. Many players actually give up on their scrolls if they receive a puzzle box. Knowing how to solve a puzzle box correctly makes the difference between hours of frustration and completing your clue scroll efficiently.

runescape guide
runescape skill

1.Speak to the non-player character (NPC) to receive your puzzle box. Your previous clue scrolls leads you to this NPC.

2.Open up the puzzle box. It is absolutely paramount to take a look at the completed puzzle images ib case waste runescape gold .

3.Approach the image one row at a time. This is the key to solving the puzzle box. First, try to align all of the tiles of the first row correctly. You do this by shifting around the pieces (just click on a piece next to the open space). This is slow at first, but you get used to it quickly. Repeat this process for the first few rows, until you have two rows left.

4.Align the remaining two rows into a square and a rectangle. The square’s dimensions are two by two, and the rectangle’s dimensions are two by three. Avoid mixing up any of the already completed rows. There is always a way to solve the puzzle without ruining your progress. Get the square solved first. Then move around the remaining six pieces until the image is complete and the only square remaining is in the bottom right square. If you complete the puzzle correctly, you hear a noise.

5.Close the puzzle box. Speak to the NPC again, and he gives you your next clue (or the treasure).