Thieving perfect tips which u may wantto know

Thieving is often a skill loathed by many,loved by few. In order to spread the love.this tip will hopefullyt open the eyes of those not so keen on the skill and make them realise that Thieving is a fiendishly brilliant skill to be levelled in the high numbers ! Come on , who would’t want to grab free stoof out of thin air?

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This tip is for all forms of Thieved, from the lowly mugger t the king of Thieves, i assure you this guide that’s outstandingly easy to follow,So if u want that slick purple cape , want to earn a few dishonest RS GP‘s or maybe just bcuz u need to get that hugely disguesting & horrifically high level 53 requirement to do Desert Treasure , this guide will almost definitely help

1).If you have Thieving Brawling gloves, use them in the Rogues’ Castle, located in the Wilderness, to access the 4x bonus experience, or use them in the final chamber of Pyramid Plunder.

2).Using Pyramid Plunder is still efficient, but has been surpassed in experience per hour by blackjacking in the Thieves’ Guild. However, you can make money doing Pyramid Plunder.

3).It is generally understood that Pyramid Plunder at level 91 provides the fastest exp/hr at around 200-250k exp/hr, however, Menaphite Thugs and Monkey knife fighters might be on par with it, albeit being a lot more click intensive.

4).When thieving NPCs apart from those that can be blackjacked, it is strongly advisable to bring Gloves of silence. On top of that, it would be good to have at least an Ardougne cloak 3 for lower failure rates.

5).You can get approximately 10,000xp from the weekly Thieving event in Balthazar Beauregard’s Big Top Bonanza.