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What will be presented on 2013 Runefest about Runescape

Runefest is held every year. Many RS players want to take part in this amazing party. In this year, Jagex will let all RS fans know what they will do in 2014 regarding Runescape. Let us have a quick look about this. In the below, we will see the parts the Jagex will do in […]

Runescape Guide of How to Make Range Level to 99 for F2P

Range is one of the most important skills in Runescape, many FTP players want to level up there range to the max in the shortest time. But that is not easy, so we have brought you a guide for you which can give you some help to level it up as soon as you can. […]

A Useful Merchanting Guide of Runescape

We would like to share a wonderful RS guide which is for the merchanting in runescape. After you read this article, you will be good at merchanting when you play in Runescape. This runescape merchanting guide is different. We’ll save you the hours of meaningless reading and tell you what they say: “buy low, sell […]

The Introduction of Monsters in Runescape and its Related Guide

There are many different kinds of monsters in Runescape, and if you want to kill them succeffully, you will need to acquire some skills and follow some guide. And now we can read some information about those monsters. The hundreds of different creatures which call runescape their home can be classified in such numerous ways […]

Runescape3 Many skills for available

For dungeoneering, it allows players to practice many rs skills to produce items. Those items can not be taken out of the dungeon, but they will definitely help them in conquering it. Although these items can not help them to get much runescape 3 gold, they can make players increase their skills quickly. The complexity […]

Runescape3 excellent and unique tips

Always play by the foundations. If you do not abide by the foundations, you’re probably to induce muted or prohibited. However, if you are doing break a minor rule, don’t fret. simply do not repeat your mistake, and you will be fine. Make your username artistic. It’s useful to own a brief username (preferably while […]

RS3 Active Promotion of Grinning Idols

Grinning bronze idol The bronze idol will provide XP in the following skills: Cooking, Firemaking, Hunter, Slayer, Strength, Divination. For a completed idol the total XP given is 4x the amount given for a small prismatic lamp, and this is divided equally between the 6 skills that the idol gives XP in. The table below […]

Runescape3 chat and logging

For example,you can see which worlds your friends are playing on; you can chat to friends or enter a Clan Chat; you can switch worlds and set your favourites; and you can change your display options. The lobby adds no additional clicks to getting into the game,and so on. You will notice that the Welcome […]

Runescape3 Through Magic Logs to make Woodcutting Guide

Cutting magic logs is a popular and incredibly quick approach of generating income. Woodcutting is quick to train, and with a high woodcutting level and an excellent hatchet, you could chop magic logs promptly, and market them for over 1.3 k each. There are a few magic plants found throughout RuneScape, and only some locations […]

Runescape3 Barbarian Assault Rewards Updates

One intro is a barbarian assault penance horn. The penance horn accumulates charge as each surge of penance is defeated. As firemaking, speed, and mining are educated, the horn loses charge but the RuneScape player obtains double encounter from his task, in a fashion the same as Sacred Clay tools. The addition of this feature […]