What will be presented on 2013 Runefest about Runescape

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Runefest is held every year. Many RS players want to take part in this amazing party. In this year, Jagex will let all RS fans know what they will do in 2014 regarding Runescape. Let us have a quick look about this.
In the below, we will see the parts the Jagex will do in the next.

Part One

A preview of the 2nd World Event which has been confirmed to involve the two gods Armadyl and Bandos, who will be travelling across the world map trying to gain followers and influence. Players will also be able to opt into innovative open world PVP.
Part Two
The Invention Skill, which is a partner to the recently launched Divination skill and represents a technological leap forward within the game. This skill will allow players create their own gear and soul weapons which can be leveled up to increase their power as players progress through the game. They can also do runescape gold farming as usual.
Part Three
Upgraded matchmaking which will allow players to easily find other player who are interested in playing specific social content, allowing them put together teams easily without interrupting their gameplay.
Part Four
The Church of YOU – Over the past decade players have been central to all RuneScape content and are the world guardians, now they can start to amass their own followers to worship their in-game achievements.
RuneScape’s fan base and passionate community has always been one of the game’s enduring and great strengths, and RuneFest has again delivered a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with the most ardent of players,” said Phil Mansell, Executive Producer for RuneScape.

Runescape Guide of How to Make Range Level to 99 for F2P

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Range is one of the most important skills in Runescape, many FTP players want to level up there range to the max in the shortest time. But that is not easy, so we have brought you a guide for you which can give you some help to level it up as soon as you can.
For Range less than Level 20 Players
Cows in the Lumbridge Cowfield should be your target for these novice levels. An alternative switch is chickens,which are one of the best to level 15, but you would probably get bored after level 15. The cowhides sell for over 100gp each, and the bones provide fairly good prayer experience for your current level. Just bank at Beefy bill’s every time you get a full inventory of cowhides.
For Range 20-40 Players
They drop a wide variety of very good herbs, up to ranarr, which sells around 6-7k each. You won’t be damaged too much if you aren’t TOO low of a level, but if you are low-leveled, bring some food. Tuna is a good and cheap delicacy to bring. Dwarves are also an option, but only work well until level 30. And they do not drop as much of profitable items as Chaos Druids do.
For Range 40-50 Players
Hill giants drop limpwurt roots very often, sell for 1k gp a piece, and their big bones give good prayer exp. Or if you are not into leveling your runescape prayer you can sell the bones for good gold. You can make a lot of money per trip. Another option is training on white knights until level 50,though they can work until 60, it is not recommended to train on them till level 60, because they do get boring and do not drop good items.
For Range 50-60 Players
Train on ogres, located southeast of Castle Wars. They drop big bones 100% of the time and also drop good seeds occasionally. They are also a reliable charm dropper. As long as you avoid melee distance, you won’t take too much damage. Though they don’t hit that high, only around 6 or 7 damage.
For Range 60-70 Players
Train on green dragons in the Wilderness location.
For Range 80-99 Players
You can range almost anything perfectly. You can continue with Aviansies, which will give you a ton of money. Or, you could battle with the other monsters stated earlier in the article. During this stage, you will make a TON of profit if you choose the correct methods. Red chinchompas are likely the best experience, which equal to around 300k exp per hour, but cost amazingly high.

A Useful Merchanting Guide of Runescape

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We would like to share a wonderful RS guide which is for the merchanting in runescape. After you read this article, you will be good at merchanting when you play in Runescape.
This runescape merchanting guide is different. We’ll save you the hours of meaningless reading and tell you what they say: “buy low, sell high.” According to them you should now be fully equipped to merchant and become fabulously rich. Ready, set, go!
As we know, A lot of runescape merchanting guides have been written over the last couple of years and an equal amount proclaim to posess the secrets to eternal life, fame, and prosperity.
Choose rare items
Rare items such as party hats, Halloween masks and Santa hats have appeal because they are only available in a finite quantity. These items disappear every day as more players lose them and retire from playing.
Buy new items
New items are good for short-term trades because finding a true price on the Grand Exchange takes a while. Also, merchants can easily sell new items for Runescape gold at a premium to players who want to have the latest thing.
Merchant speculative items
If merchants are working together to drive up the price of an item, don’t buy in unless the items has skilling value or value as a weapon or armor. Only trade speculative items for the short term, because many people will jump in and drive up profits, but the price fall when everyone sells will be precipitous.
If you want to know more information about runescape guide, please keep checking our news update and we will bring you guys more and more useful RS guide.

The Introduction of Monsters in Runescape and its Related Guide

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There are many different kinds of monsters in Runescape, and if you want to kill them succeffully, you will need to acquire some skills and follow some guide. And now we can read some information about those monsters.
The hundreds of different creatures which call runescape their home can be classified in such numerous ways that trying to understand them can be nearly impossible. So to make understanding them a little bit easier here is a basic database of the many beasts that may be found in runescape into categories based on their race and generalizations about these races, along with some interesting specifics, such as valuable drops, runescape gold generator about them.
Dwarf: Dwarves are fairly unimposing enemies, though armed, often, to the teeth with quality weapons, and armour. Their drops are not generally, great but the chaos dwarves’ drop of a muddy key is always nice.
Human: Humans range from the weak easily pickpocket-ted men and women found in the cities around runescape to the powerful Damis fought during the desert treasure quest when seeking the shadow diamond.
Elf: Elves are powerful Warriors found in the far west of runescape around the wilderness of Isafadar.
Dragon: Dragons are incredibly powerful creatures which use the ability of fire-breath to incinerate those who do not have a handy dragonfire shield with them.
Demon: Demons are one of the most abundant and various of the runscape races. Gnome: Gnomes are almost unanimously weak and tiny beings. They are generally archers, though a few are mages, and even a few are melee based gnomes.
We will post more monsters in the future, so if you want to know more info about runescape monsters, please check our news update frequently. Thank you!


Runescape3 Many skills for available

For dungeoneering, it allows players to practice many rs skills to produce items. Those items can not be taken out of the dungeon, but they will definitely help them in conquering it. Although these items can not help them to get much runescape 3 gold, they can make players increase their skills quickly. The complexity of the dungeon determines what skills can be used, and are noted next to the skill names above. Then if you would love to know more things, you can search on the internet too.


Such many ways can help you to make a lot of runescape 3 gold in runescape game. If you are tired in doing the same thing, you can go to the runescape official forums or many other helpful website, and then you can get much help from those experienced players in game. Sometimes, you may not need any making runescape gold help, but you need the skills gaining. Therefore, anyway, you must do what you want in runescape. Each skill allows you to do and make different things. You can click on one of the suggestions; you will get some information from them. If you feel free to contact with their customer service, they will give you some help for your troubles.

For members, on complexity five and higher, you can use your construction skill in the dungeon. It will make you replace the group gate stone portal with all kinds of other objects. If u wants to have more Runescape 2007 Gold in this task, you may do more. For members, they can have many chances to get money only they want. So if you are not so poor, you may join in this membership, you will have unbelievable surprise. Good luck to you.

Runescape3 excellent and unique tips

Always play by the foundations. If you do not abide by the foundations, you’re probably to induce muted or prohibited. However, if you are doing break a minor rule, don’t fret. simply do not repeat your mistake, and you will be fine.


Make your username artistic. It’s useful to own a brief username (preferably while not numbers), however check that your username is not hokum. Having a username that impersonates Jagex employees or might offend alternative players is probably going to induce you prohibited. If you ever become famed within the RuneScape community, you would like to be known as by a brief and distinctive username, like RedDragon, instead of John586634 or one thing of the type.

Don’t flame individuals. this can be once you insult another player simply because they said/did one thing to offend you. If somebody says “new fish”, simply ignore it, whether or not or not they’re reprehension you. don’t follow them and begin oral communication “new fish, fight my main!”.

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Don’t worry if you get known as a “new fish”. simply settle for it or ignore it; it’s no massive deal what some other person thinks of you. If you react negatively, you’ll begin a “flame war” and hurt yourself within the method. each player could be a fledgeling at some purpose.

RS3 Active Promotion of Grinning Idols

Grinning bronze idol
The bronze idol will provide XP in the following skills: Cooking, Firemaking, Hunter, Slayer, Strength, Divination. For a completed idol the total XP given is 4x the amount given for a small prismatic lamp, and this is divided equally between the 6 skills that the idol gives XP in. The table below shows the amount of XP you will receive at your level in each skill.


Grinning gold idol
The gold idol will provide XP in the following skills: Construction, Defence, Herblore, Mining, and Woodcutting. For a completed idol the total XP given is 4x the amount given for a small prismatic lamp, and this is divided equally between the 5 skills that the idol gives XP in. The table below shows the amount of XP you will receive at your level in each skill.

Grinning ivory idol
The ivory idol will provide XP in the following skills: Constitution, Magic, Prayer, Runecrafting, and Summoning. For a completed idol the total XP given is 4x the amount given for a small prismatic lamp, and this is divided equally between the 5 skills that the idol gives XP in. The table below shows the amount of XP you will receive at your level in each skill.

Grinning jade idol
The jade idol will provide XP in the following skills: Construction, Defence, Herblore, Mining, and Woodcutting. For a completed idol the total XP given is 4x the amount given for a small prismatic lamp, and this is divided equally between the 5 skills that the idol gives XP in. The table below shows the amount of XP you will receive at your level in each skill.

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Grinning obsidian idol
The obsidian idol will provide XP in the following skills: Attack, Dungeoneering, Farming, Fishing, and Thieving. For a completed idol the total XP given is 4x the amount given for a small prismatic lamp, and this is divided equally between the 5 skills that the idol gives XP in. The table below shows the amount of XP you will receive at your level in each skill.

Runescape3 chat and logging

For example,you can see which worlds your friends are playing on; you can chat to friends or enter a Clan Chat; you can switch worlds and set your favourites; and you can change your display options. The lobby adds no additional clicks to getting into the game,and so on.


You will notice that the Welcome Screen has been replaced with what we’re calling the RuneScape Lobby when logging into the game from today. To past messages on ,a lot of the runescape gold quests just depend on you, help out people and make Runescape a better place!

Of course ,this is optional. You may choose to progress the regular way, and may choose to boost your in game progress since to buy runescape gold means to have instant access to the items and weapons you need, short delivery time, professional and polite stuff and round-the-clock live-support.

You would love it just buy RS 2007 Gold from us once,! There comes a time where you get better at cooking and are less likely to burn them, depending on what the food is and what level is required to cook them in the first place. However, not all the quests involve fighting enemies!

Runescape3 Through Magic Logs to make Woodcutting Guide

Cutting magic logs is a popular and incredibly quick approach of generating income. Woodcutting is quick to train, and with a high woodcutting level and an excellent hatchet, you could chop magic logs promptly, and market them for over 1.3 k each. There are a few magic plants found throughout RuneScape, and only some locations are much more effective compared to others because of the quantity of magic plants and the closeness to a financial institution.


As previously pointed out, there are just a few locations where magic plants are present in RuneScape. These areas consist of 2 magic plants outside of the Mage Training Sector (near the Battle Field), 3 near Lletya, 3 around the Tree Gnome Stronghold, 3 to the eastern of the Ranging Guild, and finally 4 near the Sorcerer’s Tower near Seers’ Village. There is likewise yet another magic plant in the western ruins in the Jungle, though this area is not advised because of the risk of revenants attacking, and due to the fact that there is a single tree and it is really far away from a bank.

Cut yews with a woodcutting degree of 85 or higher. Frequently players with only 75 woodcutting leap to magic plants promptly. At that level, magic plants are very sluggish cash as they are cut exceptionally gradually.

Though yews, at any degree, outclass magic logs for cash and encounter, magic trees might occasionally be less inhabited than yews. One may try the Plant Gnome Stronghold, as there are several yew and magic plants there. Enjoy runescape gold here anytime as you want. It will be best place for you to buy cheap RS 3 Gold.

Runescape3 Barbarian Assault Rewards Updates

One intro is a barbarian assault penance horn. The penance horn accumulates charge as each surge of penance is defeated. As firemaking, speed, and mining are educated, the horn loses charge but the RuneScape player obtains double encounter from his task, in a fashion the same as Sacred Clay tools. The addition of this feature goes along with the recent speed capability renovation.


Calling for degree 70 Miracle to with the use of, Penance Trident allows an opportunity of conserving runes utilized to cast a spell. If a spell uses numerous kinds of runes, there is a one in 60 chance for each different type of rune to be conserved. The Penance Trident is the third non-tradable armor/weapon added lately to RuneScape following the pursuit products Balmung and Spirit Wars cape.

Painting the abyssal whips makes the painted abyssal whips untradable. Unlike the ring imbuement mistake by Jagex that triggered unique bands to blow up 500%, the paint is removable by using a cleansing cloth with the abyssal whip.

Penance shield statistics are enhanced and penance gloves now minimize additional weight, 7kg to be precise.

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Progression can be conserved now during battles, the standing by spaces are boosted in size, and blue penance eggs now deal damage to and reduce stats of challenger. These are the most popular of the Barbarian Attack modifications in RuneScape.