RS3 To Reach Mining 99 for Guide

The most effective mining upgrade in years: The Living Stone Caverns. Almost unrestricted resources to unearth from and a bank close by to make some great earnings.


Keep in mind that although you could unearth focused coal at degree 77, it is not efficient. Granite is quicker encounter and more rewarding by quite a bit. Still, there are other needs to unearth concentrated coal. Concentrated charcoal is much more enjoyable, considering that you do not have to click for every native mineral. Lots of people like the simple means. I did partly focused charcoal and partly granite from 77-80.

A various means to go down, is to summon a spirit terrorbird, dispose of the 2 kg and 500g in it, and fired it. You’ll require 5-6 bags for an inventory. Summoning electricity drains rapidly in this manner, so do not forget to charge summoning factors when financial.

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To endure the monsters, you should be well-prepared. 70+ protection is advised. Yet it won’t be as easy if you have lesser self defense you could make it through as well. If you have under 50 protection, and 43 prayer, you’ll probably need the shield petition every now and then.

Runescape 3 New Features Been Added in the Old World Map

The general situation is that we often play in teams or with our friends together, but we have some problems in knowing their locations because current runescape map doesn’t support more specific demands. Some may argue that a teleporting from the world map is useful, too. I agree with this suggestion, but what I think of is more than a teleporting map, why not change a new map with efficient locational function to speed up effiency and save more time once and for all?


Another thing that bothers players is the amount of clutter on the map! If Runescape team just allowed people to remove the icons on the map that they don’t want, then players could help de-clutter there, for example one would probably only allow the dungeon entrances, trees, mines, and transportation map icons on the map because of a skiller rather than a pvmer. So players ask to fix the marker system because it doesn’t work that well as of right now.

Therefore, just declutter the map; allow for more customization; fix the marker system; implement the lodestone network into it (possibly); show friends on the map, and allow greater and smaller zooms!

If the new world map is updated, what if the way players farm their runescape gold? Since players are willing to see their friends on the map, which more guidance and skill can be got from your partners timely so that you can save more runescape money and gain more assistance and cooperation on your fighting process. Moreover, if you want to have more in-game challenges with others but in trouble of having no sufficient runescape, you can go rightly to the Igxe to buy Runescape 2007 Gold for sale to save money! Anyway, we believe a new world map will certainly do help for all Runescapers and we are looking forward to its coming.

RS3 the quest of Lost City

Head to the dungeon as described in the guide (if you are using ranged make your equipment now), and have your friends kill zombies until they get a bronze axe. Have them give it to you, then move on to the area where the Dramen Tree. Drink your Saradomin Brew, and chop at the tree. Run to the safespot shown in the picture above and use wind strike or your bow on the spirit until you hit for 10 Life Points. Now wait 10 seconds, and then have your friend who has the rings of recoil cast Weaken on the spirit. Make sure he/she has auto retaliate off!


Now the spirit should be attacking your friend. Every time the spirit hits some damage on your friend, it will take a small amount of damage itself. Now you have to wait for it to kill itself by hurting you: When a ring of recoil shatters (they shatter after 40 damage), put on a new one. When your friend asks for it, drop food at his feet so he can pick it up to heal itself. Should your friends hit any damage at all on it, you have to start over again. Once it dies, you will be able to chop the tree. Now homeport out and continue with the rest of the quest.

At the beginning of the quest, the only item you need to bring is your hatchet. To start the quest, talk to the warrior in the swamp south of Lumbridge. Our gamers always trade Runescape 3 Gold in lumbridge bank. He is on the west side, near Draynor Village. The trick is to make the game think you killed it, even though your friend does. This is because in the killing of a monster, the damage from rings of recoil do not count as damage inflicted by the player. Thus, by only hitting one damage on it, the kill counts as your own.

Runescape 3 Wilderness resources

Bank Chest and Safe Zone inside the church in the north-west Wilderness
This will make gathering several resources in the wilderness more worth while, as well as encouraging many to go deeper in to restock on supplies, rather than leaving. Obviously, if someone is in combat when they enter the church, they can still be attacked.
Increase Warbands Frequency, Decrease XP per Warband
More frequent Warbands will mean people go into the Wilderness more often. Decreasing the XP per Warband will help balance this. Simple!

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Runescape New, unique Wilderness resources
I’m not going to suggest what resources should be added, as that would take far too much detail about XP balancing, economy balancing and whether there is actually a need for said resource. But in essence, what needs to be done is the introduction of new resources for higher levels of gathering skills. Divination seems like a good skill to start at, as there is relatively little content for that skill and thus balancing would not be as much of an issue. As long as the resource is WORTH getting, in terms of XP and GP gain against risk of entering the Wilderness, then it will help.

All resources in the Wilderness yield 12.5% more XP This will encourage skillers who are brave enough to risk it, into the Wilderness to gain faster XP.

Runescape 3 Select and enjoy for different tasks

All tasks are very interesting, some of the tasks you need to complete interesting puzzles, such as Ernest the Chicken to take the oiler link. There are some tasks need to be very smart conversation technology. Some tasks require a lot of errands or kill a target. A lot of players like to do the task, they are called Questers.


You can get task points after finish the task, increase the number of task points can be do more and more difficult tasks. After completing all the tasks ,you will go to Draynor Village to find the Wise Old Man to purchase Quest Points cape complete all the tasks to prove.

The task in runescape game don’t need kill many enemies, even if it is one task,it maybe cost you more than 20 minutes, after you finish the task , you can get rich rewards contain runescape gold. The ordinary players have little tasks,but members have much more than not members.

You can go to Lumbridge to find the Xenia to receive Helmet of trials to prove that you are a player who have done a lot of tasks if you got 300 tasks Points. After comlete specified task , you can go into a big tower named Dominion Tower in the desert inside, you can kill the boss which happned in your task before to get much gold and good item.

To play RS3 in the rest time for good choice

On the standard Runescape servers there are so many players with maxed out skills that making it to the hiscores just is not doable if you have a life outside of Runescape. And even if it just lasts for a few days, at least you had your moment in the sun.


Furthermore, the servers do not have a warped economy with mass produced rares held by those who do not deserve such riches. Everyone is given a fresh start and anyone can become someone who matters without too much of an effort on the servers.

In fact, it becomes a whole different game. It becomes a skill to know the price of items, where to trade for them,where to buy cheap Runescape Gold and how to read your fellow player’s mind. How much does he want the item in question? How much does he have to spend? How much of that can I get him to spend?

To become a master merchant you must master bothprices, players, time, and space. The grand exchange rendered this entire skill set mastered by tens of thousands of players useless. But now it’s in demand again. And that’s the way it should be.

RS3 Fast for Gain Experiences

In this beginner guideline quest, when you are located in the position marked “You are here”, you will receive a new quest —- save the drowning girl Sophie. Gold is the basic reward. In addition, you can upgrade the skills inadvertently through this guidance.


You need to shoot an arrow attached with a rope across the river to save Sophie from drowning. Talk with Olga to get a long rope first. Then, fletch the arrow. Log, feather, arrowhead and bow string are needed to fletch the arrow. It is simple. Cut wood to get logs, and use the logs you get to make arrow shaft, then attach other materials to the arrow shaft. Additionally, you also need to cut wood to make a shortbow. Of course, it is not a must to follow these steps. You can also swim across the river to save Sophie if you like. However, you are not capable to do this in the game.

In Runescape 3, trees are renewable resources. So just be assured to use it. There is no need to worry about any shortage of the tree. You can only handle those trees consistent with your current level. After you get some logs, you can make fire, feed the fire with wood or forge sword. Thus, doing one thing equals N upgrade of skills. That is really profitable.

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Fish the shrimp and fish in the place with bubbles. Then, cook and eat them. Food is considered as the life of players in Runescape 3. Food with different levels can increase the Constitution of different levels.

With the quest completed, you will get 44 rs gold and one Antique Lamp as rewards. The Antique Lamp can increase a current skill xp randomly for you, including Attack, Defense and Magic.

RS 3 Grayzag’s Imps of Wizard

You can get all kinds o items from the imps, such as ball of wool, Imphide and ash. You can level up the forging by using Ash. Therefore, always remember collect these valuable items. If there is not enough space in the backpack, just deposit them in the bank. Speak to Wizard Mizagog in Wizard’s Tower after you collect the items, and you will get 875 Magic, Amulet of accuracy (+4 to all forms of attack) 2x Squeal spins and Quest points 2 QP as awards.


As mentioned above, item fallen from Wizard Grayzag’s imps is worth a lot, so you must attack it at the first time, otherwise it will go away, and you cannot find it any more. In addition, you need to collect beads in a quest called Imp Catcher. Red, yellow, white and black beads are needed to be collected. These imps often appear in such places as the Karamja volcano, the farm south of Falador, around the city of Varrock and the city of Lumbridge. When fight them, you must be patient, because imps are crafty, they often avoid attack by turning into smog.

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I was going to the grand exchange to see if my gears were sold out or not yesterday, on the way to the grand exchange I ran across Wizard Grayzag’s imps. Then I fought it and picked up the black bead and Imphide. I was happy to find that the Imphide was sold after I got to grand exchange. To my surprise, the black bead fallen from Wizard Grayzag’s imps is worth over 3280 gp. Therefore, I put it in the grand exchange to seek for exchange without hesitation. Note, if you meet the Wizard Grayzag’s imps, take your time to fight it, or it will disappear soon.

RS3 Old School grows of God Wars dungeon

Executive Producer Phil Mansell thinks that this shows classic servers have strong appeal for the community: “Seeing RuneScape Old School hit the million player mark so soon after launch is a great milestone for the game, and our players have joined the celebration by voting for the game’s most epic update to date.”


Over 89% of the playerbase voted for the inclusion of the God Wars dungeon, in which groups will face-off against four bosses for a shot at a legendary Godsword and other shiny gear. You can check out the dungeon video after the break.

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The “Old School” version of RuneScape has proven to be a hit with players, growing to over one million users. Jagex trumpeted the milestone along with a new update to the game bringing back the God Wars dungeon.

RS3 Cut for Uncut Gems

Place the gem and a chisel in your inventory. If you don’t have a chisel, you can purchase one from the Grand Exchange or from most general and crafting stores.  Use the chisel on the gem to cut it. If you are attempting to cut a dragonstone or onyx, you will receive a message verifying the action. Accept the message. If you wish to cut the stone into bolt tips, use the chisel on the cut stone.


Level up your Crafting skill. Lower-level players can boost their Crafting skill by spinning wool, creating pottery and leather working, and higher-level players can up their Crafting skill by creating jewellery and crafting silver items. If you’re a “RuneScape” member, you can blow glass, craft snakeskin armor and create items in your player-owned workshop.Continue leveling your Crafting until you reach level 20 to cut sapphires. Advance to level 27 to cut emeralds, level 34 to cut rubies and level 43 to cut diamonds. If you are a “RuneScape” member, you can also cut dragonstone and onyx. Dragonstone requires a Crafting level of 55 and onyx requires a level of 67.

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RuneScape requires gems for crafting and making crossbow bolts. Players can obtain gems from mining ore, thieving, monster drops and rewards from quests. Gems come in three forms: cut, uncut and bolt tips. Uncut gems are a rare natural resource. Cut gems are used to make jewellery, and bolt tips are attached to bolts to use with a crossbow. To cut a gem, you must have the required Crafting level.