Hard mode if only i could

If only I could have you now

I like the idea that you have added a hard mode for the people who have pretty much mastered dungeoneering so they can look forward to more battles.

Sadly I can’t complete the elite diaries so now I must train up for Hard Mode, which I have no problem with whatsoever.

However the current state of dungeoneering is still rather poor… Bosses usually have too little health to survive more then 10 abilities from a player and they still do very low damage, for example Yk’Lagor the Thunderous, a boss that did great damage on day of release I can now kill without food, prayers and healing abilities while using only a 1 handed weapon. I wouldn’t be surprised if I could kill him with Momentum.
Sure pretty much every bosses special attack dishes out tons of damage, however those can be dodged most of the time.

Another problem is the fact you can survive easily in the whole dungeon without needing to eat sometimes even without of the help of healing abilities like resonance, regenerate, rejuvenation or Guthix’s Blessing.
The monsters do too little damage (except mysterious shades of course) and they die too quickly except for a select few. Not to mention the monsters also drop food. So maybe making healing abilities heal less or making food not drop from monsters and making monsters actually deal decent damage will help out.

So pretty much make the difficulty of Dungeoneering just like it was on release day or maybe a tad bit easier.