Please note this is lore-wise runescape information

Well, while I was looking and posting, I notice a lot of people making post on why give the last funds to the 4 option given to us. So, why not make one my own? Ss a player I got the right. I will list them and explain them.Please note this is lore-wise information, not in-game.

1. Give aid to Saradomin: While Saradomin is winning, and giving him aid will finish the battle faster, it might also cause more bloodshed, and fuel the battle a bit more causing some destruction once again.

2. Give aid to Zamorak: Zamorak is losing, aiding him will balance the battle a bit more, but at the same time, it will fuel the battle, making it last longer, and bring more suffering not only the the World, but Lumbridge it self, as the battle is destroying bits of it. (again lore-wise)

3. Give aid to both faction: This is a balanced choice, giving aid to both sides will balance them a bit, but will also give Saradomin the upper hands once again, and it will also, like stated, fuel the battle even more, causing more deaths and destruction.

4. Use the money for food resources: This is a choice that avoids helping the gods, and help the citizens of Lumbridge. Now, even though it looks like in-game there is enough food, but lore-wise, talking to the NPC farmers or food holders, some will explain on how their food is being stolen by the Factions army. Meaning their running out of food resources, and might not have enough for the entire town. They will have starving people once the battle is over.

I voted to feed the people, as Runescape Gold/World Guardian, while I fight in the battle to save the world from suffering anymore, I think of the mortals who needs help, and right now, the Town of Lumbridge needs it more. Tell me what you picked and why.

The good would be feeding the starving people of Lumbridge. But your choice is your own. Either way, it’s a choice of, “your god first, or the people.” Some seem to pick their gods first.Because the people should always come first, like I said the choice is yours and everyone else, I choice to always go against the gods.But not the reason why I vote for food, I vote for the food because lore-wise, the people need it.