The duke dilemma

Today we were presented with the option of sending aid to either faction, both, or the people of Lumbridge. It appears to be the final vote, so I chose to support Zamorak. What were your choices?

As a nonvoting f2p Runescape 2007 Gold player, I’m supporting the relief for the town. This is mainly because the townspeople will likely riot if we choose to starve them after spending 20k on guard dogs because seriously people really just for the love of Armadyl really why would you do this people what possible use could attack dogs ever have and they cost more than trained militia troops that can actually hold a weapon.

Have explained the reasoning for my vote in 2 threads now, so forgive me for just quoting this time =P

”If I had a good guarantee of that the Zamorak faction was going to vote for food, I would as well. Unfortunately, given the history of the vote results and how poorly thought out they’ve been, and also given the vast majority of Zamorakian fighters poor reasoning (vast majority, as I said in another thread, I’ve spoken with numerous Zamorakians who have good reasons for doing what they’re doing) I’m voting for Saradomins aid, as still given the poor voting history, I can imagine for either side that, voting to send aid to their respective faction will be the most voted for option.

If Saradomins voters don’t have a higher vote margin for either food, or sending aid to Saradomin then Zamoraks aid vote, then Zamorak will have gained a benefit, which I feel is irresponsible to allow. So, I’m going with what I imagine will be the most voted for option that doesn’t benefit Zamorak, to keep it that way.”