Why i switched to warpriest

I’ve seen an awful lot of hate on warpriest armor around these forums, so I thought I’d
provide some evening ground and take a moment to say why I switched to using it fulltime.

It is practical in every situation and good for multiple purposes. In addition to its reasonable stats, it is literally the only armor in the game that provides protection against non-combat damage (obstacle failure, thieving failure, etc).

It is kept on death. This feature provides an excellent opportunity to mess around and explore more while having good protection. I completed Nomad’s requiem in it, and it served me beautifully.

Speaking of beauty, the armor looks pretty good, too. This is more of an opinion, but I like the look.

In conclusion, I use the warpriest armor because I’m willing to sacrifice extra armor and damage for its versatility, its keep-on-death feature, and its application to skills outside combat.

Just thought I’d point out some of the cons for fairness. Give it a try next time you do agility (it doesn’t weigh all that much) or thieving.im some where around level 145…

if i were to pvp some any player around my level in it, it would basically be useless at tier 50,because it has a 0 block chance on everything!yeah my sara armor is much much better than warpriest!that is why tier 75 needs to become f2p…

its useless at tier 50….

really useless…

more useless than steel armor..

a set of steel armor would give more protection!…. but since this obviously wouldnt be used any where other than safe pvp and pvm i see nothing or no reason to even nerf it..

right now it is unbalanced for f2p by being underpowered ..tier 75 would make the armor much better..

i might not have 75 def to use that tier yet but i was looking forward to level 75 of warpriest until stupid noobs yelled op…

and yes!!!!i am going to complain!!!!