What to do it after

Few more weeks, the BoL event will be wrapped up.
1 God will ‘win’
1 God will ‘lose’
Countless NPCs will have been slaughtered.
Even more tears will have been collected.
The finale will be some sort of some grand build up to the final ‘epic’ finale of maybe awesomeness. Or something rather anti-climactic … players can be so fickle at times.

When we are done … then what?

Leaving a smouldering/exhausted crater with the remains of the 2 camps abandoned would be 1 possibility.
Tearing down the camps, filling in the crater, and returning some semblance of the old Lumbridge would be another.

Or another option:
Leave the crater, and camps, and NPCs fighting it out, just remove the gods.

A God has fallen? sure.
The Divine Power source dried up? probably.

But it is still a battlefield.
Zamorakians and Saradomists can still lash out at each other in a mop up operation.
Both sides can still try to stake some sort of claim to Lumbridge. The Saradomists to protect, the Zamorakians to conquer.
That or both sides are just fighting it out for pure spite.

Post Battlefield:
– Gods are gone. 1 won, 1 lost, no real reason to stick around
– Generals, Quartermaster, recruiter … they may or may not stick around.
– The Soldiers, Champions, Special Units all though do stick around

The Battlefield becomes more of PVM playground with some ability for skillers to still have something to do.

For PVM and Skillers, all XP is reduced.
Currently a player with 90+ lvl and a Dragon token can earn nearly 200 XP per collection action. Post even, this drops dramatically to about 20 XP Per action.

The Divine Tears can still be collected, it’s just there isn’t really any power left in them.
The only people left who are interested in them are collectors, souvenir hunters, and those who think that collecting “enough” will give them some sort of boost of power. Thus there is still a reason to come out there.

Titles, Overrides, the Factional Tokens are still available, their rarity just now becomes Ultra-Rare (think Draconic Visage rarity).

The War Priest Armor is obtainable from the Special Units, but only as an even rarer drop.
Scrolls for the Titles for Acolyte/Priest/Hierophant, and the 3 emotes are also available but again, very rare.
Even the consumable draughts can be found at random tiers based on your token, but again, are rare.

Why would these be available, but ‘rare’?
Have you ever been to a major event, and taken the time to look around afterwards?
People discard ‘things’. Sometimes not realizing what they left behind.
On battlefields, finding a discarded weapon or ammunition is hardly out of place. Even centuries after the battle, people are still finding stuff.
Thus after the battle, finding the leftovers would not be totally unexpected. But since the local armories have packed up and left, you just can’t find ‘new’ or easily available.