Please stop people

Been a while since I last visited the forums,and man,people whine a lot!
Every post but 2 has been about Super September and how horrible it is that every challenge only lasts for a day. So far,I personally don’t see a problem with this,as the challenges don’t take more than 15 mins,and if you’re so passionate about your rewards,you should be able to dedicate that much time once a day to the Runescape Gold game,working or not. And I guess that’s part of the Super September *CHALLENGES*, that they last a day. If they all stacked like dailies it wouldn’t be a challenge at all (not that they are now either,when it comes to difficulty.)
Y’all are just too spoiled and expect everything to be given to you,regardless of the amount of effort you put into the game,that’s like saying you’ve been bankstanding for 50 hours doing nothing,therefore you deserve just as much xp as someone who’s been skilling for that long got,because hey,you both spent the same amount of time on the game!

But yes,if these rewards mean that much to you,take 10 minutes out of your day to get yourself some divine tears,what do you know,this might teach you that everything in life isn’t just given to you because you want it.

The challenges take less than 15-20 minutes to do each day. Of course not everyone can and/or should get the golden outfit; it wouldn’t be special otherwise. The community is just spoiled these days and demands we get everything for free.

So what if they have college or work? A lot of people do, but they can still spare time to get on. You can either go to work/school/etc or you can try to play RS Gold. You can’t always have both.

If they’d read more, it says if you place in the top 1,000 on Seasonal Highscores then they can also get the golden variant. Surely if people that “had to go somewhere one day” they could make up that lost time by trying to get golden that way?

It’s not the events that ruin RS sometimes, it’s the community, sad to say; to be fair, the fourms is really just for ranting now… no feedback that benefits.