I’m pretty wound up

I’m pretty infuriated – We were told the XP lamps would be fixed. This is the second time you’ve messed up basic Maths on the Battle of Lumbridge.

Tested with 98 Agility on Huge Lamps from Battle of Lumbridge:

Tier 1: 65,374.25 XP (This gives 5% less than SoF lamp)
Tier 2: 65,374.25 XP (This is supposed to give the same as SoF lamp)
Tier 3: 65,374.25 XP (This is supposed to give 5% more than SoF lamp)

This is laziness. This would have taken literally a minute to just gain experience from every lamp to check that they were scaling correctly. This error has costed me about 100k Bonus experience which works out at a minimum of about 5K Renown (so that I can buy more lamps to compensate) which is a hard day of gathering’s work for me.

EDIT: This change was never publicised and it should have been – it was contradictory to your original design intentions (and Mod Timbo’s above statement). The lamp Tiers need to be removed as they are misleading. The execution of this change was poor.

Indeed, as they told us in subsequent posts to the one you quoted, they decided to simply make all the lamps the same to counterbalance the fact that we now get quite generous xp from the battlefield.

This Isn’t the point – the point is that after it being officially confirmed by a Jagex Moderator that the lamps would be fixed, and players believed they had been, they weren’t fixed. This would have taken a few minutes to test by quickly buying all of the lamps and just checking how much XP they rewarded.

It’s not “free” either, I had to grind Tears for hours on end, getting rewarded XP I didn’t want in Skills I am already 99 in to earn these lamps. I waited seven weeks to save up for Tier 3 lamps to find that they give the same as Tier 1… Poor execution on Jagex’s part.