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Divination is RuneScape's 26th skill
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Runescape is full of goals and passions

Typically, we are pleased published in 2012 Updated: daily challenges, Rune dimension, one after the other, the giant slayer chinchompa bring a fresh game, more social-oriented approach in terms of skills practice. Queen of the Black Dragon, graphics overhaul monsters and dungeons, flasks and potions port players while bringing a bunch of high-level players new content. Tasks can also help to improve the game’s exciting stories and more English dubbing.

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Hard mode if only i could

If only I could have you now

I like the idea that you have added a hard mode for the people who have pretty much mastered dungeoneering so they can look forward to more battles.

Sadly I can’t complete the elite diaries so now I must train up for Hard Mode, which I have no problem with whatsoever.

However the current state of dungeoneering is still rather poor… Bosses usually have too little health to survive more then 10 abilities from a player and they still do very low damage, for example Yk’Lagor the Thunderous, a boss that did great damage on day of release I can now kill without food, prayers and healing abilities while using only a 1 handed weapon. I wouldn’t be surprised if I could kill him with Momentum.
Sure pretty much every bosses special attack dishes out tons of damage, however those can be dodged most of the time.

Another problem is the fact you can survive easily in the whole dungeon without needing to eat sometimes even without of the help of healing abilities like resonance, regenerate, rejuvenation or Guthix’s Blessing.
The monsters do too little damage (except mysterious shades of course) and they die too quickly except for a select few. Not to mention the monsters also drop food. So maybe making healing abilities heal less or making food not drop from monsters and making monsters actually deal decent damage will help out.

So pretty much make the difficulty of Dungeoneering just like it was on release day or maybe a tad bit easier.

Please note this is lore-wise runescape information

Well, while I was looking and posting, I notice a lot of people making post on why give the last funds to the 4 option given to us. So, why not make one my own? Ss a player I got the right. I will list them and explain them.Please note this is lore-wise information, not in-game.

1. Give aid to Saradomin: While Saradomin is winning, and giving him aid will finish the battle faster, it might also cause more bloodshed, and fuel the battle a bit more causing some destruction once again.

2. Give aid to Zamorak: Zamorak is losing, aiding him will balance the battle a bit more, but at the same time, it will fuel the battle, making it last longer, and bring more suffering not only the the World, but Lumbridge it self, as the battle is destroying bits of it. (again lore-wise)

3. Give aid to both faction: This is a balanced choice, giving aid to both sides will balance them a bit, but will also give Saradomin the upper hands once again, and it will also, like stated, fuel the battle even more, causing more deaths and destruction.

4. Use the money for food resources: This is a choice that avoids helping the gods, and help the citizens of Lumbridge. Now, even though it looks like in-game there is enough food, but lore-wise, talking to the NPC farmers or food holders, some will explain on how their food is being stolen by the Factions army. Meaning their running out of food resources, and might not have enough for the entire town. They will have starving people once the battle is over.

I voted to feed the people, as Runescape Gold/World Guardian, while I fight in the battle to save the world from suffering anymore, I think of the mortals who needs help, and right now, the Town of Lumbridge needs it more. Tell me what you picked and why.

The good would be feeding the starving people of Lumbridge. But your choice is your own. Either way, it’s a choice of, “your god first, or the people.” Some seem to pick their gods first.Because the people should always come first, like I said the choice is yours and everyone else, I choice to always go against the gods.But not the reason why I vote for food, I vote for the food because lore-wise, the people need it.

The duke dilemma

Today we were presented with the option of sending aid to either faction, both, or the people of Lumbridge. It appears to be the final vote, so I chose to support Zamorak. What were your choices?

As a nonvoting f2p Runescape 2007 Gold player, I’m supporting the relief for the town. This is mainly because the townspeople will likely riot if we choose to starve them after spending 20k on guard dogs because seriously people really just for the love of Armadyl really why would you do this people what possible use could attack dogs ever have and they cost more than trained militia troops that can actually hold a weapon.

Have explained the reasoning for my vote in 2 threads now, so forgive me for just quoting this time =P

”If I had a good guarantee of that the Zamorak faction was going to vote for food, I would as well. Unfortunately, given the history of the vote results and how poorly thought out they’ve been, and also given the vast majority of Zamorakian fighters poor reasoning (vast majority, as I said in another thread, I’ve spoken with numerous Zamorakians who have good reasons for doing what they’re doing) I’m voting for Saradomins aid, as still given the poor voting history, I can imagine for either side that, voting to send aid to their respective faction will be the most voted for option.

If Saradomins voters don’t have a higher vote margin for either food, or sending aid to Saradomin then Zamoraks aid vote, then Zamorak will have gained a benefit, which I feel is irresponsible to allow. So, I’m going with what I imagine will be the most voted for option that doesn’t benefit Zamorak, to keep it that way.”

Why i switched to warpriest

I’ve seen an awful lot of hate on warpriest armor around these forums, so I thought I’d
provide some evening ground and take a moment to say why I switched to using it fulltime.

It is practical in every situation and good for multiple purposes. In addition to its reasonable stats, it is literally the only armor in the game that provides protection against non-combat damage (obstacle failure, thieving failure, etc).

It is kept on death. This feature provides an excellent opportunity to mess around and explore more while having good protection. I completed Nomad’s requiem in it, and it served me beautifully.

Speaking of beauty, the armor looks pretty good, too. This is more of an opinion, but I like the look.

In conclusion, I use the warpriest armor because I’m willing to sacrifice extra armor and damage for its versatility, its keep-on-death feature, and its application to skills outside combat.

Just thought I’d point out some of the cons for fairness. Give it a try next time you do agility (it doesn’t weigh all that much) or some where around level 145…

if i were to pvp some any player around my level in it, it would basically be useless at tier 50,because it has a 0 block chance on everything!yeah my sara armor is much much better than warpriest!that is why tier 75 needs to become f2p…

its useless at tier 50….

really useless…

more useless than steel armor..

a set of steel armor would give more protection!…. but since this obviously wouldnt be used any where other than safe pvp and pvm i see nothing or no reason to even nerf it..

right now it is unbalanced for f2p by being underpowered ..tier 75 would make the armor much better..

i might not have 75 def to use that tier yet but i was looking forward to level 75 of warpriest until stupid noobs yelled op…

and yes!!!!i am going to complain!!!!

What to do it after

Few more weeks, the BoL event will be wrapped up.
1 God will ‘win’
1 God will ‘lose’
Countless NPCs will have been slaughtered.
Even more tears will have been collected.
The finale will be some sort of some grand build up to the final ‘epic’ finale of maybe awesomeness. Or something rather anti-climactic … players can be so fickle at times.

When we are done … then what?

Leaving a smouldering/exhausted crater with the remains of the 2 camps abandoned would be 1 possibility.
Tearing down the camps, filling in the crater, and returning some semblance of the old Lumbridge would be another.

Or another option:
Leave the crater, and camps, and NPCs fighting it out, just remove the gods.

A God has fallen? sure.
The Divine Power source dried up? probably.

But it is still a battlefield.
Zamorakians and Saradomists can still lash out at each other in a mop up operation.
Both sides can still try to stake some sort of claim to Lumbridge. The Saradomists to protect, the Zamorakians to conquer.
That or both sides are just fighting it out for pure spite.

Post Battlefield:
– Gods are gone. 1 won, 1 lost, no real reason to stick around
– Generals, Quartermaster, recruiter … they may or may not stick around.
– The Soldiers, Champions, Special Units all though do stick around

The Battlefield becomes more of PVM playground with some ability for skillers to still have something to do.

For PVM and Skillers, all XP is reduced.
Currently a player with 90+ lvl and a Dragon token can earn nearly 200 XP per collection action. Post even, this drops dramatically to about 20 XP Per action.

The Divine Tears can still be collected, it’s just there isn’t really any power left in them.
The only people left who are interested in them are collectors, souvenir hunters, and those who think that collecting “enough” will give them some sort of boost of power. Thus there is still a reason to come out there.

Titles, Overrides, the Factional Tokens are still available, their rarity just now becomes Ultra-Rare (think Draconic Visage rarity).

The War Priest Armor is obtainable from the Special Units, but only as an even rarer drop.
Scrolls for the Titles for Acolyte/Priest/Hierophant, and the 3 emotes are also available but again, very rare.
Even the consumable draughts can be found at random tiers based on your token, but again, are rare.

Why would these be available, but ‘rare’?
Have you ever been to a major event, and taken the time to look around afterwards?
People discard ‘things’. Sometimes not realizing what they left behind.
On battlefields, finding a discarded weapon or ammunition is hardly out of place. Even centuries after the battle, people are still finding stuff.
Thus after the battle, finding the leftovers would not be totally unexpected. But since the local armories have packed up and left, you just can’t find ‘new’ or easily available.

Reward effort

Divination does not allow you to put in much effort at all. There is practically no variation in training either. The entire Divination skill is about as significant as the Herblore Habitat, and that’s just one training method.

There needs to be a way you can train Divination at a difficulty and rate of activity equal to hunting jadinkos, with appropriate xp rewards. Designing a skill around AFK training is basically giving up on skilling as a legitimate ‘fun’ game.

Playing the game should be the basis of all design, not keeping it in the background while reading a book.