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RUNESCAPE get new currency

Jagex RUNESCAPE introduced to reward players with Member invested in various advantages bonds. RUNESCAPE bonds trade liberalization between players and create more than ever before the change and freedom. Jagex, the developer behind the popular free -to-play adventure in the world of MMORPG, Guinness World Records game RUNESCAPE 3, is called the RUNESCAPE bonds into the […]

Incentives to play through bonds in Runescape

Starting today, you can harvest your efforts to play through vouchers, reward new game items, you can purchase on our website and sharing. These coupons can be machined part should day subscription at RuneCoins wealth, and more. Runescape is your game, your credentials, more than ever to provide more choice and freedom. So, you can pay through your game resources your subscription, provide a safe gift subscription to a friend or your family members, no matter where he is, access to other objects and virtual gold content infringement share your good game, and enjoy all the RUNESCAPE no zombies or real money flows. For more information, please read […]

Adventurer worth Shops Solomon

Greetings, adventurer! True adventurer always looking for a bargain, which is why I decided to host a spectacular balances, starting tonight! Throughout the next seven days, you can buy at lower prices most of the items that I offer in my store. Player users and non-subscribers can choose from a range of exciting projects and their prices loyalty points or RuneCoins a special discount. All projects can lead to loyalty points and purchase their price point to get a 50% discount, giving you the opportunity to RUNESCAPE most loyal prestigious project won a bunch of cheap.Here you can buy the […]

Runescape is full of goals and passions

Typically, we are pleased published in 2012 Updated: daily challenges, Rune dimension, one after the other, the giant slayer chinchompa bring a fresh game, more social-oriented approach in terms of skills practice. Queen of the Black Dragon, graphics overhaul monsters and dungeons, flasks and potions port players while bringing a bunch of high-level players new content. Tasks can also help to improve the game’s exciting stories and more English dubbing. We want to ensure that in 2013. This means that we will give you what you want: interesting task, new dungeons, epic events and new skills. This also means that we will continue […]

Hard mode if only i could

If only I could have you now I like the idea that you have added a hard mode for the people who have pretty much mastered dungeoneering so they can look forward to more battles. Sadly I can’t complete the elite diaries so now I must train up for Hard Mode, which I have no […]

Please note this is lore-wise runescape information

Well, while I was looking and posting, I notice a lot of people making post on why give the last funds to the 4 option given to us. So, why not make one my own? Ss a player I got the right. I will list them and explain them.Please note this is lore-wise information, not […]

The duke dilemma

Today we were presented with the option of sending aid to either faction, both, or the people of Lumbridge. It appears to be the final vote, so I chose to support Zamorak. What were your choices? As a nonvoting f2p Runescape 2007 Gold player, I’m supporting the relief for the town. This is mainly because […]

Why i switched to warpriest

I’ve seen an awful lot of hate on warpriest armor around these forums, so I thought I’d provide some evening ground and take a moment to say why I switched to using it fulltime. It is practical in every situation and good for multiple purposes. In addition to its reasonable stats, it is literally the […]

What to do it after

Few more weeks, the BoL event will be wrapped up. 1 God will ‘win’ 1 God will ‘lose’ Countless NPCs will have been slaughtered. Even more tears will have been collected. The finale will be some sort of some grand build up to the final ‘epic’ finale of maybe awesomeness. Or something rather anti-climactic … […]

Reward effort

Divination does not allow you to put in much effort at all. There is practically no variation in training either. The entire Divination skill is about as significant as the Herblore Habitat, and that’s just one training method. There needs to be a way you can train Divination at a difficulty and rate of activity […]