Turning off over head chat

I’m not sure if it is intentional, or if I am experiencing a bug, but I cannot turn off the local over head chat.

I had a thread on the bug forum for a couple of weeks, but it got hidden for some reason (?), so thought I would bring the matter here. My original reason for assuming it was a bug was that all my over head chat was hidden right after RS 3 Gold launch. Eventually, with some update, the over head chat came back, but then I couldn’t turn it off.

So. All my local chat options affect only the chat box. Nothing seems to hide the over head chat. I would very much like that ability back.

Most importantly I want to hide ALL chat when I’m doing a new quest, or a Cryptic Clue Fest etc. I do not want to see spoilers, I want to work it out on my own. If I cannot turn the over head chat off, I can’t but help to see how others are asking and answering questions about the quest.
Other, only slightly less pressing, applications have to do with the fact that sometimes one is forced to go to places where the chat gets overly rowdy. On these occasions it would be far more logical to simply turn the local chat off, instead of ignoring a cave full of bored fishermen.

I’ve tried to find information about this, to get input, just to even find if it is a bug or not, but so far I’ve been coming up with zilch. I find it very hard to believe that I am the only RS Gold player who is desperately missing this ability.

Yay! Glad to hear there is some discussion going on and that I’m not the only one.

When I saw the news post about Interface fixes today, I had hopes, too, lol. But thruthfully, I’d be happy just to know that it’s an actual issue, that will be changed/fixed in the future. I can deal without my precious silence for the time being if I only knew that there is hope.

I’ve scoured the known issues, bug reports, forums, wikis and game guide without getting anywhere. No mention if or not the over head chat is also supposed to turn off (like it used to) when local chat is off. Or if it is intentional that with the NIS the over head chat is always on. The only forum posts I’ve seen have been maybe 3-4 isolated questions without any replies. I was starting to think I’m in a vacuum with this issue.