10M xp in only 8.5 days

So Div has been out for 8.5 days. I have been trying to give the hiscores the benefit of the doubt but do the math. Even if you played 24/7 which is physically impossible, you would have to average 49K/hr in a skill that Jagex says is 45K/hr. Even if you only slept 4 hrs a day and took another 1 hr a day for food, etc. that would mean you would have to average 61K/hr which is way above Jagex’s stated average. As I said, the math just doesn’t make sense.

Sorry – you are right – 7.5 days which makes it even weirder.Runescape Gold Playing 24/7 would average 55K/hr and even playing 19hrs a day which I find hard to believe would be doable would be 69K/hr average. I totally understand the higher rates at higher levels, but what I am talking about is the overall average from lvl 1-96. If you take into account the much lower rates initially, you really would have to play intensely 24/7 to get even close to 10M xp in 7.5 days. The math still doesn’t make sense.