Late to the runescape party

I decided to take a break from Runescape once RS 3 Gold hit, so I’m a little late to this World Event thing. My only question is this:

If I started working on it right now, would I be able to get all the rewards?

Since there’s a limit on how many tears you can get each day, I’m worried I won’t be able to collect enough to buy everything. Would be rather lame if this is so. I’d rather just put in all the work at once and get the same as someone who spread out all their work over a few months.

It costs 65.5k renown to buy all rewards for a single side, so you’d be cutting things close. You’re not strictly limited to 3k renown/day since bonus tears don’t seem to count against the cap (e.g. tears from yellow nodes), so in theory you can make up for missed time if doing a simple 3k/day wouldn’t otherwise be enough.

I probably wouldn’t recommend trying to get absolutely all rewards by trying to earn enough for all rewards on one side and then swapping sides to earn enough renown for the second side, as the opposing sides rewards are only cosmetically different, and trying to get enough bonus tears to get 131k renown in the time remaining would not be a pleasant experience.

There is a limit of 3k tears per-day, if you started today and got 3k each you’d have like 78k which should get you all the items from one side at least (each side has same rewards just different colour to reflect god) doubt you could get both….

That said however tier 1 and tier 2 emotes are very similar so you could skip one, perhaps both and just get tier 3 when it comes out.