Osrs duel arena glitch

I can’t explain how it happens nor purposely re-enact the situation. But this has happened for a total of four fights now, 3 of my own and 1 of a friend. In the duel arena, I’m staking and it seems like noted items glitch once won. I have plenty of room in my inventory to receive the Runescape items, but at the end of the duel, the items do no appear on my account. Also, simple fact, you can not start a duel if you don’t have room in my inventory. My friend won his duel, for a fury/robin hood hat/ranger boots, and for some reason, once he won, his items hit the floor after the duel underneath of him and he was unable to pick up his items.

I’m not sure what exactly can be done about this, but this seriously needs to be looked into, I don’t want to keep staking and fear that I won’t receive my items. It only seems to happen with items and not cash. I “think” it happened one other time with 400k but unsure to verify that, how ever, 4 item stakes items have not been received.

Very frustrated, be nice if a jmod could give me some feedback on this, I am a paying customer, hopefully a valued customer.