Staff in the battle field

So, there is the fight between Zamorak and Saradomin. In the battle field u can collect Icyenic bow/ hammer/ staff. To do so u need to collect 1000 Sacred metal fragments.
After spending 5 – 6 hours on this task I finally go 1000 metal fragments and I was able to create the staff… So I did try to do that but the unexpected happen… Text said that the staff has been created how ever the staff wasn’t in my backpack or in my bank…
Can anyone say anything to this matter? Any experience with this issue? Is it common and it is the bug that Jagex has not seen yet? What can be done? Should I collect again ? However thats my choice.Ty for help if it is provided.

It turned into a cosmetic override, which can be accessed through the customisation interface. To get this, press F2, followed by main-hand weapons, and you should find your chosen weapon there.