Love the new runescape skill

Thank you, Jagex! Everything about Divination is perfect, in my opinion.

Of course, there could be a few small improvements, but I’m not quite sure what they are right now. I like that the xp is slower than other skills. It makes it more special.


1) The auto-heal food, after you lose half of your lifepoints.
2) The ability to create your very own skill plots anywhere in the world.
3) The thing that banks your items for you, so that you don’t have to make trips to the bank. At level 99, with a full inventory of the banking things, you can almost send 1k objects to the bank without being at the bank.
4) In Daemonheim, you can open doors up to 20 levels above your level, at level 99 Divination.
5) You can convert three 30 gp maple logs into the much more expensive yew logs, using transmutation.
6) It isn’t running around in circles for hours like Agility.
7) The xp rates are perfectly slow-fast.
8) It is like Runescape Gold, which made Runecrafting so much more tolerable.
9) People being around doesn’t mean that you have competition. It actually helps sometimes.
10) I think it’s pretty fun, actually.

As for auto heal food, im not a noob and I know when to eat.
The skill plots, I don’t need a runeite rock or an herb patch
For banking items i have a pack yak
I dung with maxed people in dg
As for transmutation, you forgot to factor in the energies which cost 1k+
its standing in one spot for hours which is worse
Nope the xp rates are just slow
runespan made runecrafting more tolerable because it was 100k an hour. Divination is 25k an hour
I have a clan chat to talk to people, I dont need other people around me
as for having fun, thats your opinion, but I think you may want to go to the doctors to check your mental stability