Div another dung

Why does Jagex insist that we do things together? Dung has much higher xp rates if you do as a group (I have 120 dung – ALL solo). Social Slayer and new bosses that can’t be done solo. Why do they insist on doing social engineering instead of letting us play the game as we want?

Div will give higher xp rates if you do it with “friends”. I’m in a nice clan and we do things together but we aren’t FORCED to do things together just to gain an advantage.

I will do Div solo just like I did Dung – it may take me longer but I don’t like having “togetherness” forced down my throat.

When you create a divine location, you get better results if you have friends with you. In the BTS video it says “looking at the skills (the 4 ), in those skills it’s beneficial to be on your own, which we didn’t think was quite right. So with divine locations we have really aimed and making players be more sociable”