The world wakes puzzle

Hi, i click on control panel to solve the puzzle after you kill Kree’arra and i am unable to solve the puzzle as i cant click anywhere. I only can close the puzzle and after that i cant control my character as it glitches out. As if my mouse wont work. I need to log out, then log in and then its fine until i start doing that puzzle again. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? I have been searching for similar problem, but i couldnt find it. Please help.

Oh hey look I’m not the only one with this problem. Yet I don’t see it getting solved any time soon! So we make our first 6th age quest and fix little to no bugs with your beta.Come on Jagex if you had this many bugs with the new interface why did you put it in Runescape Gold game? So now I have to wait on finishing a quest because of a lame bug that should had been looked over BEFORE the RS3 release. Yeah I’m not happy but I’ll remain positive because I don’t have a locked up screen or anything.

I have the same problem, I just started the quest and got to this part, So frustrating…
first I thought it was some kind of bs joke cause this is *8cking hilarious, but it seems to be another jagex failure along with itemdupes and all that other stuff.

I remember the 1-2 fps bug issue after the botnuke, people where unable to barely play the game for months and they kept on releasing bonus-xp weekends and additional content, tech support is a joke.

It honestly shouldn’t take this long to fix minor bugs. I’ve been waiting about an hour now and I haven’t seen any confirmation that the tech support team is working on the problem. I’m getting more frustrated as I look at the pinned and locked thread on this forum with recent fixes dated up to the current point of last month.. So either tech support just said hell with it or just got lazy in reporting what bugs have been fixed. To make matters worse is to see new content released on the main page but no additional updates at the very bottom of it saying anything about bug fixes/being fixed.