Don’t runescape plant mines

From a lorewise basis, the planting of mines leaves unexploded mines after the battle. Years after the battle has been completed when people finally decide to repurpose the land, they will run into the mines and… whoops little johnny just lost his leg.
I understand that this is war, but doing an act of war which will continue killing civilians after the war is totally unacceptable, and evil, no matter which side you are on.

Only the weak and stupid will go into a battlefield and expect it to be totally safe, even years after the conflict. I will continue to plant mines around Saradomin’s encampment after I slip them out of the pockets of Saradominist sappers I’ve killed.

This battle is much like a WW1 battle, almost all of these mines will be detonated, since we know exactly where the enemies will be coming from, and they will just repeatedly run into the mines.

Europe had massive amounts of mines and minefields planted throughout it in the world wars, and it’s not very often that you hear about a farmer detonating one when they till their fields.

Although there was that one really unlucky cow that happened to be on top of a mine from a set of twelve, they were the largest mines in the world, and that mine was struck by lightning, and it made a giant crater where it was buried.

Yeah, apparently all of time and space worked up to the point to absolutely destroy that cow.

So, that’ll probably happen to one of the goblins or little Lumbridge kids. But probably the goblin.