Manage thy crisis-overspending

Budgeting would probably be easier if we knew what we were budgeting for exactly. If we knew what the issues of later weeks were we could collectively go “Ah, week 10 has an issue which I feel strongly that the most valuable option is worth it. In order to have money for that though, I suppose the city will have to do without more doomed-from-the-start guards.”.

Even without that info though, saving money is a good habit, so we should all ask ourselves if we really need that thing we’re blowing our treasury on.

Yeah I thought about making one of these topics as well, then I realized how pointless it is. No offense, nothing against you for making it, that’s not what I meant. It’s just the small amount of people that read this and care/understand/agree won’t be enough to do anything, unfortunately. I absolutely agree.

But yeah at this rate I think we’re going to run out of money around week 5/6. People either don’t understand the concept of having limited “money” for lumbridge, or they just don’t care.

I finally realized how much I hate this “community” event, because I have to rely on others for my outcome, and my vote really doesn’t do much. It’s a cool idea, and I liked it at first, but meh, I hope they don’t make another one.

The emergency treasury is out of money. We could apply several methods to attaining more funds.

Raise taxes. Generates 0-50k, possible city riots causing city-wide damage.

Cut Charity Donations. Generates 0-15k. May stunt the rebuilding of Lumbridge.

Raid the Goblins to the East. Generates 0-10k. May provoke Goblins into retaliating.

Do nothing. Generates 0gp. No possible reprecussions.