I can’t build the monthly statues because the chatbox is in the way

Before the NIS, I played in fixed-screen layout and I loved that interface compared to resizeable and full screen. Tweaks could have been, but it was overall far superior to the newer alternatives. With the NIS, I tried to replicate the fixed-screen layout as best I could by adding/moving interface items and all the HUDs. There is a laundry list of problems with the NIS and even with all my efforts it’s far inferior to the old fixed-screen layout. Some interfaces don’t even stay put and I have to reposition and resize them after every login. Yes, I have saved my custom NIS layout. With constant disconnections, it’s very annoying to add more things to the list of preparing to actually play the game. If the option to revert back to the fixed-screen layout was presented, I would choose it in an instant and be thankful to have it, even without the tweaks.

That’s my greatly shortened opinion of this NIS. But this thread isn’t about the NIS as a whole, it’s about one specific aspect of it. I can’t build the monthly statues because the chat box gets in the way. When I go to build the scaffolding, the chatbox appears on the screen in a size I’ve never set it to and it completely covers the option to adjust the left-most scaffold size.

I’ve tried moving it and resizing it, but can’t even if I try again with customization enabled. I’ve also tried moving it and resizing it completely out of the way during regular gameplay view, but it reverts to obscuring the left-most scaffold option once I go to build scaffolding.

I personally hate these full-size views like the one for building statues and for adjusting ships in player-owned ports. It’s a terrible design and could have easily been avoided. But I got used to POP (even if I still despise it) and I’m not building statue scaffolding long or often enough to be really bothered by it. What I don’t understand is why the chatbox shows up at all while building scaffolding. I don’t recall it being there before NIS and I request it be removed.

Sure, I can probably play that minigame just fine if I change my screen resolution, but I shouldn’t have to go that far. That would be just another thing I’d have change in preparation of playing. I’m already at the end of my rope on things I need to do to prepare for actually playing the game. I’m very comfortable with my current screen resolution with all other matters in which I use the computer, so I’m not going to make special arrangements just to play Runescape Gold.

Jagex, please remove the chatbox display while building statue scaffolding.