Runescape abilities animations

I want to talk about something Jagex could easily focus on. For now, we all agree that’s it may be not their priorities, but if something could really be updated with the HTML5 (or Rs3), it is the abilites animations (combat (range, mostly melee)).

First, I want to be clear, this is not intended for my personnal preferences, I’m just throwing some feedbacks and suggestions for HTML5. If you would like to support my suggestions, feel free to do it, if not, ignore this thread.

Since the EoC update, abilities has completely change the Runescape Gold gameplay. We know it is Runescape, and it is not the best game to find spectacular animations, but Runescape has progressed alot in term of graphics and animations over years.

I will go staight to the point, SOME combat animations should be reworked.


Destroy ( threshold ) : When you are wearing dual swords, or rapier, we can see no problem with the animation, but if I switch to some other weapons, I have tested whip, claws, maces, daggers, and some other weapons other than swords and rapiers. If you wear them, cast Destroy and watch the combo, we can clearly see that the animations combo acts like we are wielding dual SWORDS. This could be something interesting to rework with.

My suggestions is simple, type of weapons, ( not like crush, slash, stab.. etc ) Type for weapons like Axes, Swords, Claws, and other type of weapons could simply have there unique animations.

Example : Claws, they have a great look now, but when we are in combat, other than AUTO ATTACKS, it really doesn’t look like we are fighting with claws, they are supposed to be swift, lots of mobility (old DClaws Spec), and you get the point. Right now, fighting with claws looks like we have big heavy claws, and this is wrong.

Alright you get the point now, it really doesnt need to be super$sayan$mode animations, just animations according on what weapons you are fighting with.