Turning off over head chat

I’m not sure if it is intentional, or if I am experiencing a bug, but I cannot turn off the local over head chat.

I had a thread on the bug forum for a couple of weeks, but it got hidden for some reason (?), so thought I would bring the matter here. My original reason for assuming it was a bug was that all my over head chat was hidden right after RS 3 Gold launch. Eventually, with some update, the over head chat came back, but then I couldn’t turn it off.

So. All my local chat options affect only the chat box. Nothing seems to hide the over head chat. I would very much like that ability back.

Most importantly I want to hide ALL chat when I’m doing a new quest, or a Cryptic Clue Fest etc. I do not want to see spoilers, I want to work it out on my own. If I cannot turn the over head chat off, I can’t but help to see how others are asking and answering questions about the quest.
Other, only slightly less pressing, applications have to do with the fact that sometimes one is forced to go to places where the chat gets overly rowdy. On these occasions it would be far more logical to simply turn the local chat off, instead of ignoring a cave full of bored fishermen.

I’ve tried to find information about this, to get input, just to even find if it is a bug or not, but so far I’ve been coming up with zilch. I find it very hard to believe that I am the only RS Gold player who is desperately missing this ability.

Yay! Glad to hear there is some discussion going on and that I’m not the only one.

When I saw the news post about Interface fixes today, I had hopes, too, lol. But thruthfully, I’d be happy just to know that it’s an actual issue, that will be changed/fixed in the future. I can deal without my precious silence for the time being if I only knew that there is hope.

I’ve scoured the known issues, bug reports, forums, wikis and game guide without getting anywhere. No mention if or not the over head chat is also supposed to turn off (like it used to) when local chat is off. Or if it is intentional that with the NIS the over head chat is always on. The only forum posts I’ve seen have been maybe 3-4 isolated questions without any replies. I was starting to think I’m in a vacuum with this issue.

10M xp in only 8.5 days

So Div has been out for 8.5 days. I have been trying to give the hiscores the benefit of the doubt but do the math. Even if you played 24/7 which is physically impossible, you would have to average 49K/hr in a skill that Jagex says is 45K/hr. Even if you only slept 4 hrs a day and took another 1 hr a day for food, etc. that would mean you would have to average 61K/hr which is way above Jagex’s stated average. As I said, the math just doesn’t make sense.

Sorry – you are right – 7.5 days which makes it even weirder.Runescape Gold Playing 24/7 would average 55K/hr and even playing 19hrs a day which I find hard to believe would be doable would be 69K/hr average. I totally understand the higher rates at higher levels, but what I am talking about is the overall average from lvl 1-96. If you take into account the much lower rates initially, you really would have to play intensely 24/7 to get even close to 10M xp in 7.5 days. The math still doesn’t make sense.

Late to the runescape party

I decided to take a break from Runescape once RS 3 Gold hit, so I’m a little late to this World Event thing. My only question is this:

If I started working on it right now, would I be able to get all the rewards?

Since there’s a limit on how many tears you can get each day, I’m worried I won’t be able to collect enough to buy everything. Would be rather lame if this is so. I’d rather just put in all the work at once and get the same as someone who spread out all their work over a few months.

It costs 65.5k renown to buy all rewards for a single side, so you’d be cutting things close. You’re not strictly limited to 3k renown/day since bonus tears don’t seem to count against the cap (e.g. tears from yellow nodes), so in theory you can make up for missed time if doing a simple 3k/day wouldn’t otherwise be enough.

I probably wouldn’t recommend trying to get absolutely all rewards by trying to earn enough for all rewards on one side and then swapping sides to earn enough renown for the second side, as the opposing sides rewards are only cosmetically different, and trying to get enough bonus tears to get 131k renown in the time remaining would not be a pleasant experience.

There is a limit of 3k tears per-day, if you started today and got 3k each you’d have like 78k which should get you all the items from one side at least (each side has same rewards just different colour to reflect god) doubt you could get both….

That said however tier 1 and tier 2 emotes are very similar so you could skip one, perhaps both and just get tier 3 when it comes out.

New type of wisps springs

I suggest that every hour, a “super enriched wisp” will appear for every area that already gets enriched wisps every 20 minutes. I propose that these give “super enriched memories” that give 4x the normal experience, to help keep the skill a little more lively. As it is, this skill is pretty dull and could use some improvement, but adding this as a new part of the skill could be a big step in improving the skill.

It wouldn’t necessarily have to start out at the Falador (Level 20) location. It would, however, be useful in speeding things along at the higher levels, such as from Level 60 onward.

I mean, if you think about it, this skill takes a lot of time. I’m at Level 75 at this time, but it’s taken me a large number of hours to get here.

Can’t wait for new client

I will start this off by saying I have been playing runescape on and off for many a years.

I have to say that I think Runescape EOC and RS3 (HTML5) is the best things to happen to this game.

While I dont support the freemium models such as squeal of fortune, I think runescape is heading in the right direction.

I have been playing the HTML5 Client as of recent and think it looks beautiful. Definitely some unforeseen scaling issues when you can see so much further than before. A few adjustments or world scaling might fix this.

For a game I started more than 8 years ago, I am pleased to say I am enjoying it more than ever before.

Osrs duel arena glitch

I can’t explain how it happens nor purposely re-enact the situation. But this has happened for a total of four fights now, 3 of my own and 1 of a friend. In the duel arena, I’m staking and it seems like noted items glitch once won. I have plenty of room in my inventory to receive the Runescape items, but at the end of the duel, the items do no appear on my account. Also, simple fact, you can not start a duel if you don’t have room in my inventory. My friend won his duel, for a fury/robin hood hat/ranger boots, and for some reason, once he won, his items hit the floor after the duel underneath of him and he was unable to pick up his items.

I’m not sure what exactly can be done about this, but this seriously needs to be looked into, I don’t want to keep staking and fear that I won’t receive my items. It only seems to happen with items and not cash. I “think” it happened one other time with 400k but unsure to verify that, how ever, 4 item stakes items have not been received.

Very frustrated, be nice if a jmod could give me some feedback on this, I am a paying customer, hopefully a valued customer.

Staff in the battle field

So, there is the fight between Zamorak and Saradomin. In the battle field u can collect Icyenic bow/ hammer/ staff. To do so u need to collect 1000 Sacred metal fragments.
After spending 5 – 6 hours on this task I finally go 1000 metal fragments and I was able to create the staff… So I did try to do that but the unexpected happen… Text said that the staff has been created how ever the staff wasn’t in my backpack or in my bank…
Can anyone say anything to this matter? Any experience with this issue? Is it common and it is the bug that Jagex has not seen yet? What can be done? Should I collect again ? However thats my choice.Ty for help if it is provided.

It turned into a cosmetic override, which can be accessed through the customisation interface. To get this, press F2, followed by main-hand weapons, and you should find your chosen weapon there.

Love the new runescape skill

Thank you, Jagex! Everything about Divination is perfect, in my opinion.

Of course, there could be a few small improvements, but I’m not quite sure what they are right now. I like that the xp is slower than other skills. It makes it more special.


1) The auto-heal food, after you lose half of your lifepoints.
2) The ability to create your very own skill plots anywhere in the world.
3) The thing that banks your items for you, so that you don’t have to make trips to the bank. At level 99, with a full inventory of the banking things, you can almost send 1k objects to the bank without being at the bank.
4) In Daemonheim, you can open doors up to 20 levels above your level, at level 99 Divination.
5) You can convert three 30 gp maple logs into the much more expensive yew logs, using transmutation.
6) It isn’t running around in circles for hours like Agility.
7) The xp rates are perfectly slow-fast.
8) It is like Runescape Gold, which made Runecrafting so much more tolerable.
9) People being around doesn’t mean that you have competition. It actually helps sometimes.
10) I think it’s pretty fun, actually.

As for auto heal food, im not a noob and I know when to eat.
The skill plots, I don’t need a runeite rock or an herb patch
For banking items i have a pack yak
I dung with maxed people in dg
As for transmutation, you forgot to factor in the energies which cost 1k+
its standing in one spot for hours which is worse
Nope the xp rates are just slow
runespan made runecrafting more tolerable because it was 100k an hour. Divination is 25k an hour
I have a clan chat to talk to people, I dont need other people around me
as for having fun, thats your opinion, but I think you may want to go to the doctors to check your mental stability

Closing “chat” tabs

I was enjoying a few friendly games of Barbarian Assault earlier today when my interface glitched a little and I was only left with my General chat window and Private Messages window as far as chat tabs go.
To me, this is beautiful, I don’t have to see the Friend Chat and Clan Chat (oh and emotes) tabs being there and taking up space.
Could we get the ability to close these tabs without needing to use mishaps like this?

I’ve saved my glitched interface as a Custom Preset already btw

Html15 low graphics runescape setting

First I would like to say that I’ve been having disconnection issues but using the html5 has fixed them. My problem is that my computer isn’t exactly made for gaming and the low graphics settings in the html5 are the same as high in java… along with all the goodies that come with html5 such as more render distance and whatnot. I believe we should have the option to use the graphics of lowest in java while using html5.