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Turning off over head chat

I’m not sure if it is intentional, or if I am experiencing a bug, but I cannot turn off the local over head chat. I had a thread on the bug forum for a couple of weeks, but it got hidden for some reason (?), so thought I would bring the matter here. My original […]

10M xp in only 8.5 days

So Div has been out for 8.5 days. I have been trying to give the hiscores the benefit of the doubt but do the math. Even if you played 24/7 which is physically impossible, you would have to average 49K/hr in a skill that Jagex says is 45K/hr. Even if you only slept 4 hrs […]

Late to the runescape party

I decided to take a break from Runescape once RS 3 Gold hit, so I’m a little late to this World Event thing. My only question is this: If I started working on it right now, would I be able to get all the rewards? Since there’s a limit on how many tears you can […]

New type of wisps springs

I suggest that every hour, a “super enriched wisp” will appear for every area that already gets enriched wisps every 20 minutes. I propose that these give “super enriched memories” that give 4x the normal experience, to help keep the skill a little more lively. As it is, this skill is pretty dull and could […]

Can’t wait for new client

I will start this off by saying I have been playing runescape on and off for many a years. I have to say that I think Runescape EOC and RS3 (HTML5) is the best things to happen to this game. While I dont support the freemium models such as squeal of fortune, I think runescape […]

Osrs duel arena glitch

I can’t explain how it happens nor purposely re-enact the situation. But this has happened for a total of four fights now, 3 of my own and 1 of a friend. In the duel arena, I’m staking and it seems like noted items glitch once won. I have plenty of room in my inventory to […]

Staff in the battle field

So, there is the fight between Zamorak and Saradomin. In the battle field u can collect Icyenic bow/ hammer/ staff. To do so u need to collect 1000 Sacred metal fragments. After spending 5 – 6 hours on this task I finally go 1000 metal fragments and I was able to create the staff… So […]

Love the new runescape skill

Thank you, Jagex! Everything about Divination is perfect, in my opinion. Of course, there could be a few small improvements, but I’m not quite sure what they are right now. I like that the xp is slower than other skills. It makes it more special. Okay. 1) The auto-heal food, after you lose half of […]

Closing “chat” tabs

I was enjoying a few friendly games of Barbarian Assault earlier today when my interface glitched a little and I was only left with my General chat window and Private Messages window as far as chat tabs go. To me, this is beautiful, I don’t have to see the Friend Chat and Clan Chat (oh […]

Html15 low graphics runescape setting

First I would like to say that I’ve been having disconnection issues but using the html5 has fixed them. My problem is that my computer isn’t exactly made for gaming and the low graphics settings in the html5 are the same as high in java… along with all the goodies that come with html5 such […]