Runescape problem on the battlefield

After this weeks update to The Battle For Lumbridge I found an annoying occurrence with drops. I have a low combat level so I like to use the Zamorakian Sentries to my advantage for farming Sacred Metal Fragments, but now that this teleporting in and out of phases has been set up, I’m losing Fragments if the Saradominists die in the wrong spot. When I’m below the Zamorak NPC “spawn circle” (I’ll call it that for now) I’m fine and I see my drop. As soon as I enter the circle to go pick up the Fragments, I’m teleported to another phase where those Fragments don’t exist. If you notice as well with my screenshots, I’m getting no Divine Tears right now because I capped my 3k. Fragments are the ONLY reason I’m killing these. And I’ve missed a couple drops already thanks to this within 10 minutes.

Note the different player in each SS, the # of Fragments which does not change, the time on my taskbar, and the different times of day in game for each one. Different phases for each one.
Screenshots here:
(have to fix the links later. pologies for that. Uploaded quickly before work)