Chorm tab crashes during runescape game

After playing in the HTML5 Beta for a little bit (roughly fifteen minutes or more), I get a “He’s Dead, Jim!” screen from Google Chrome in just the Runescape Gold game’s tab. I know this signifies a crash, but what I feel it has to do with is maybe some RAM allocation issues or an overflow of graphics. Nothing stalled at all when the crash screen showed up – it was like a blue screen type of instant while playing.

I was mining a rock in the beginning of the new Lumbridge story quest, when this happened. I am quite above the recommended specifications for the game, and I was running with all settings on maximum. No extensions are running on Google Chrome. I have an Intel 3770K (3.5GHz, 4 physical cores, 8 logical threads) processor along with 16GiB DDR3 1600MHz RAM and a stock (not overclocked) AMD Radeon HD 5870 graphics card. I have a lot (768+GiB) of free space on my 1.5TiB HDD, and all drivers are up-to-date. Any help/advice with this problem would be greatly appreciated, and I’d be more than happy to give out more information if you need it.