Bug:grand exchang


There is apparently a bug with the HTML5 version of RuneScape 3 Gold when using the Grand Exchange.

What happens: When entering the game in the HTML5 engine and using the Grand Exchange, the search function for finding various items excludes a large amount of items that normally can be found in the standard JAVA version of RS3.

For example, if I search for third-age, spirit shields, torva, off-hand mithril weapons and above, etc. these items cannot be found on the HTML5 Grand Exchange.

Upon loading the game in the standard JAVA version, I could find all items as should be.

Where it happens: Grand Exchange, specifically finding items using the “Buy” function.I noticed that awhile back, before the RS3 release, when I searched for a dragon hatchet. It was non-existant in HTML5. I reported using the in-game bug report feature. I guess it’s not yet fixed.