Why is it the new Warpriest armour has no prayer bonus

I definitely support giving Warpriest armour a prayer bonus: I was heavily disappointed when (the pieces we can get now, at least) didn’t have a prayer bonus at all. Especially when you consider just where they came from.

Though I suppose giving it a prayer bonus would make this new armour utterly and completely eclipse all usefulness Akrisae’s robes might once have had (aside from the set bonus, which isn’t too good given how utterly weak the mace is). To compensate they could raise Akrisae’s Robes to level 77 or 80 equipment, given that Akrisae’s robes are already the lowest-level of all of the Ritual of the Mahjarrat rewards (excepting Bane Ammo, which could also use a boost).

I would have expected brand new armour that has been “blessed by the gods themselves” would have a significant prayer bonus.

Seeing as how All the GWD armour has it and white/temple knight armour, monk robes etc.
I mean this is after all war-PRIEST armour.
And even the “blessed spirit shield” has a similar description and has a prayer bonus.

Prayer bonus please!Even GWD gloves and boots have prayer bonuses.
And even the BoL gloves and boots have a description that reads that they are “blessed”.

After all, we can craft Holy/Unholy symbols that have no prayer bonus.
But when we, mere mortals, “bless” them, p0ff they get a prayer bonus.