Ambient sounds causes runescape problem

I believe there is something wrong with Ambient sounds. I assume people are experiencing problems such as fps drops and choppy music and sound effects.

I believe ambient sounds causes these Runescape Gold problems.
The problems:
– Fps drops when ambient sounds is on
– choppy sound effects and music
– slow performance and lag

If you have these problems ever since the RS3 update, then this may solve your problem.

1. Go to audio settings
2. Turn off your ambient sounds (Make sure the minus button is grey)
3. Now listen and watch the differences.

Some may notice the giant difference it causes.

I don’t know what is wrong with the Ambient sounds but please fix it. I like to hear the ambient sounds.

This would be true, but in the audio options, those are only VOLUME sliders. Turning the volume off, or muting it, does NOT stop the (so-called) sound/music server from SENDING the information.

IMO, what Jagex needs to do, is a toggle box beside each volume slider to DISABLE that particular audio stream in being SENT from the server at all! Then it will fix this issue.

Areas like the BOL with all the grunting and stuff going on just absolutely BUTCHER my FPS rate, even on low populated worlds, due to all the NPCs!!