Runescape has gone downhill

I’ve been playing rs for 14 years now on and off. I have never been so disappointed. Some of the graphics are terrible, the new interface is stupid and never needed to be changed in teh first place. I’ve gone through alot of other posts and have seen alot of people complaining as well but nothing is really being done about it. Do mods even look at any of our posts? I can’t even log into the html5 version. it wont load and then takes me back to the log in screen. And now on java its so slow ive almost died a couple of times due to lag. I understand they were doing a major overhaul and everything but i dont think they considered the people who dont have butt loads of money to upgrade their computers to compensate for the graphics upgrade. I love this damn game and am finally getting farther than i ever thought i would but this new RS Gold is almost preventing me from continuing because half of the time it wont load and the other half is i have to wait for the game to stop lagging so i can do a simple task like walk 3 spaces away. Something needs to change please MODS.

14 years, eh? Considering the game is only really 12 years old, I find that unlikely.

Multiple opinion polls across the net show that most people like the NIS. It’s fully-customisable, you can do pretty much ANYTHING you want with it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just switch to the Retro preset, customise it a bit, and you’re set with an interface very similar to the old one.

I know for a fact that Jagex is paying attention to our opinions, but not every opinion can be acted on. The NIS, like RuneScape 3 as a whole, is being very well-received, despite the generally whiny nature of today’s community. They’re not going to leave the game unchanged just because a few players don’t like something, especially when a majority actually likes it.

I know what you mean about the lag on the Java version, even, but that is just a temporary thing. Some sort of bug is causing it, probably related to the Battle of Lumbridge. There’s something in there that’s probably causing the lag, since it’s such a big update, something that has never been done on that kind of scale before. And even then, fixing lag isn’t exactly a simple matter. They have to analyze bug reports, then test multitudes of possibilities. If they find what they think is causing the issue, they go and test it extensively. If they can’t find it at first, they keep looking until they DO find it. Then, from there, they have to work with the dev teams to figure out ways to better optimise the game, which again, is often a long process. So the lag issues, on both the Java and HTML5 clients, are just a matter of patience.

Really, you’re not going to have to upgrade your computer. That is, unless you want to experience the epic new graphics. Otherwise, if you continue with the Java client, you shouldn’t have an issue once they fix the lag.